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    1996 xr400 stalling, need help!!!!!

    With all the carbon coming out of it and on the plug i think it is getting washed with fuel. I am going to try a smaller main and see where that gets me. Should there be anything inside the emulsion tube? Mine basically looks like a very large pilot jet, that the main jet screws into. The needle should only rest in the main and not touch anything in the emulsion tube right?
  2. I recently picked up a 96 xr400. Factory everything, no mods, 162 main, i think it has a 65 pilot, have to re check on that one. It has been sitting for a few years. I completley cleaned everything out, went through carb, put new internal tank filter and external filter. Got the bike running. Starts and idles perfectly, when i rev it or ride it. It stalls after 1/4 throttle, if i rev it and try to feather the throttle to keep it running it spits out black smoke. I put new plug in and it is covered in carbon. It's almost like it's being shut off or after 1/4 throttle. Or loosing spark or a ton of fuel is being sucked in for some reason. If i put the choke on it does not change, i have adjusted fuel screw with no change. It will not run after 1/4 throttle no matter what you do. Has anybody experienced anything like this?