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    New here - Hi

    Thanks so much Bradley. Just after my last post we got 6 inches of snow... and I have to admit that I tried riding in it, but it wasn't as fun as I hoped... so I packed it up for the winter. Before I put my TTR230 away, I put on a new front sprocket (14 tooth) to help out with first gear and just set the rider sag to 70mm. Due to my size (195 lbs) with the included spring I had to remove all free sag to achieve this, but it should work for a season of light playing around. I was going to see if I could do anything about the front forks... but I didn't see any way to mess with them. Are there any pointers (other than a front end swap)?
  2. BGroup

    New here - Hi

    Thanks so much! I should have been clear, I have 3 street bikes (KTM RC8R, Triumph Daytona 675 & 2006 Harley Davidson V-Rod) that I ride, and have been riding on the street on and off for 30 years. I was also big into the road racing track day thing for a few years until I got in a bad wreck. I'm just new to dirt riding, which seems to be a whole new skill set. I'm very much a safety gear guy, and am researching what to get for my daughter. For the few hrs (before it snowed) she put in last week, I had her in street gear (she rides on the back of my bike)... so she had Harley boots, armored leather coat, armored gloves, and jeans with snow pants over them. I figured that was safe for our field and first gear... but intend to start acquiring the proper dirt gear over the winter. I'm open to suggestions.
  3. BGroup

    New here - Hi

    Hi all, My 11 year old daughter has been talking about wanting a motorcycle when she grows up for quite some time now... As I would rather her learn off the street I decided to get her a 2009 TTR 125 LE so she could start developing her skills now. I figured if I got a bike for her, I should go ahead and get myself one too so that we could ride together, so I picked up a 2017 TTR 230 for myself this weekend. I haven't ridden a dirt bike for 29 years... and back then it was only a few times that I rode, so this is going to be a fun learning experience. I have a 2 acre lot that we can play around in as my daughter develops basic skills, and I'm looking to find some good (easy) trails for us to ride as she gains confidence. Until then I'm going to enjoy playing around on these extremely fun bikes... even if my neighbors think I'm crazy riding a bike around in the fresh snow (Northeast Wisconsin). That's it for now, really just wanted to introduce myself as I expect I'll have plenty of questions in the future. Cheers, BGroup