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  1. Rscamarochad

    Break away brake lever for CRF100

    Yeap that’s the meal ticket. Thanks man. I found what I needed.
  2. Rscamarochad

    Break away brake lever for CRF100

    OK y’all forgive my newbie uneducated questions, but on ebay for instance, I see plenty of break away brake levers designed for hydraulic front brakes but I don’t see any break away levers for bikes with cable operated front brakes. Would one of y’all please spell it out for me.
  3. Rscamarochad

    Break away brake lever for CRF100

    Hi all. Thanks for allowing me to join your forum. My name is Chad and I’m from Waco, Texas. I just got my wife a 2005 CRF100 and I’d like to set it up a little better for comfort and longevity. I need to replace both the clutch and brake levers and perchs because what’s on it is all torn up, but I’m hoping someone can suggest a break away brake lever/perch for a bike with a drum/cable front brake. I know the bike is gonna go down a few times and I’d sure rather get away from inflexible levers.