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    The DRZ400E Vs. KLX351 dilemma

    No probs. Well the only reason I got the dr650 and not a drz is because of availability, there simply aren't any available here in south africa (2nd hand in my price class). It's got a very loud basically free flow exhaust, jetting is a bit lean but I was working on it till last week when I went down in the mud on my way to work and well I'm on sick leave now (broken/fractured femur neck and head, accident was on Thursday, surgery was on Friday),.... Where was I going with this?,... Oh yeh, yeh I was just looking for a do it all bike to replace my dr200, from long trips to daily driver, in the end it came down to any 400cc bike in my price range really and the only 650 was the XR or DR. I envy the OP for his luck in having to choose between 2 awesome bikes, but for me right now in my life I'd go with the drz, more fun and yes more demanding in the tricky stuff but I still enjoy it, I'm not that old yet ­čśő
  2. Ons Huis

    The DRZ400E Vs. KLX351 dilemma

    Did not recommend the dr650, just said I have one. 2strokes are awesome for weekend fun! But I'm into the balance between reliability, economy and enough power (in that order).
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    The DRZ400E Vs. KLX351 dilemma

    Well after reading everyone's opinions about both bikes I would also keep both even though I don't have any personal experience with either. I know the wife might not be keen on riding but they do make great riding partners even if they only join you once a month or so. Keep the klx with it's low 1st gear as her bike and kit it out her way for her, once they "pimp" it out they get just a bit more attached to it and are a bit more keen on joining you, well that worked for me anyway. Also pick the least challenging trails for her to join you on so she can gain confidence and ease into it. I've got a old 2001 dr650 and plan on getting the gearing organized in a way that I can just change the front sprocket for trails and highway. I'm still young enough to want the power and play a little bit, guess if I was older I would go for the klx, but for now I still like a challenge and don't mind putting in some physical effort into my trips. You are at a crossroad and don't know which route to take, we'll good news is that any route you take will be fun and rewarding in it's own way, there is no wrong or right decision, just a "this or that" decision to make. My conclusion is that if you still have a few years of "go" in you then keep the drz ride it like a bat out of hell and just swop it for a klx a few years down the line when you don't feel like putting too much effort into your trips anymore. Good luck and enjoy!