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    LED turn indicators, no joy

    Yeah DR650 sorry.
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    LED turn indicators, no joy

    OK a little back info. When I got this 08 the previous owner had removed the turn indicators. Just snipped the wires and stuffed them up and away. I bought some led indicators, an LED flasher and hooked it all up. I think I have a ground issue but hoping for come confirmation. When I press right both right side indicators light up but do not flash. This also happened after I hooked up the first indicator which was the right front. (At the time I just thought it was because I only had the one installed) Press left nothing. I tried putting the old flasher back in just to see if maybe the new flasher was bad. Same thing. I took out the dash indicator light and tried that but again no joy. Ground? If so where? I hate electrical gremlins! Thanks for any help offered.