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  1. Hi gyus i think find my problem witch clutch sliping, the case gasket was shot and leak colant in case where the clutch is and mix oil with colant.I will also change water pump seals and bearing to make sure everything it's okay. I thinks that was the problem oil+colant=big mess
  2. So i try this position is good or have move 1 tooth forward ?
  3. yeah for sure this one still got steel subframe that says maybe 00-01. Tomorow i upload pictures how exactly i reassembly my push rod so yeah
  4. I say mine clutch arm is pretty much like this in the picture facing to the alligment marks on the side cover right of the oil cap. I download this from google just to show you where my arm is because i cant take photo of mine now.
  5. mine clutch arm is pretty much like this showed in the picture the arm facing 2 notches on the side cover. So now i have to move back the arm till facing the kickstarter ? i have clutch yeah when I click in 1st gear bike roll like it should but when i give 1/4 throttle or more engine revs very high but power is not delivery to rear sprocket. Bike slip so bad in all gears 1,2,3,4,5...
  6. Now clutch start to drag or slip very badly almost is imposible to move when in gear ..
  7. Thanks dude god bless u !
  8. Thank u very much guys ! But letters on the fibers plates goes face up or back ? And thanks again this is my gf bike and i want to show her i am the man
  9. Hi guys I have a question. someone who knows how to assemble the clutch of yz125 04 what is the order of disk assembly because the steel plates has sharp and soft edges which way they go in clutch and 2 of them is thicker than others where they go ? And another thing on all friction plates got some letters IKT and FP what direction they go whit letters backward or facing to clutch cover ? Here some picture to show u what i mean. Sorry for my bad English dudes .