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  1. I'm definitely going to get a two stroke. At the moment im just trying to decide between the ktm 85(2005) and the Kawasaki 85(2008) that I linked above. which is better/easier to work on/more reliable etc thanks!
  2. Hi everyone! New mx rider here, 4ft 9 inches and 15 years old. Started on a kx65 2003 and very quickly got used to it and since trying my friends yz85 2008 I'm thinking a 85 is the way to go. Price range is pretty low so ktm is on the high end of my budget. Heres one im looking at And another the Kawi is 1250 usd The ktm is 1400 usd. otherwise what suggestions do you guys have? Not able to race it anyway since I'm too old, so just a bike for fun on the track. Thanks everyone! Looking forward to your replies.