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    Deciding on an 85cc

    I'm definitely going to get a two stroke. At the moment im just trying to decide between the ktm 85(2005) and the Kawasaki 85(2008) that I linked above. which is better/easier to work on/more reliable etc thanks!
  2. Hi everyone! New mx rider here, 4ft 9 inches and 15 years old. Started on a kx65 2003 and very quickly got used to it and since trying my friends yz85 2008 I'm thinking a 85 is the way to go. Price range is pretty low so ktm is on the high end of my budget. Heres one im looking at https://www.gumtree.co.za/a-motorcycles-scooters/bryanston/2005-ktm-85-sx/1002152666330910250952509 And another https://www.gumtree.co.za/a-motorcycles-scooters/noordhoek/kawasaki-kx-85/1002070768290910325658009 the Kawi is 1250 usd The ktm is 1400 usd. otherwise what suggestions do you guys have? Not able to race it anyway since I'm too old, so just a bike for fun on the track. Thanks everyone! Looking forward to your replies.