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  1. I bought a 2014 KX250F instead
  2. Here is mine, currently under restoration, 1997 Suzuki RM250
  3. Picked up a super clean and well maintained 2014 KX250F last Friday. It's my first 4 stroke and man is it fast. So used to 2 strokes and this is a very different animal. Haven't rode it much as of now, but will be soon.
  4. I am looking at both of these bikes and have done some research on both models. But what I'd really like to know, which one would be better based off your experiences with these year models. Both have been maintained very well and are at the same price point. So, any opinions are welcomed and appreciated.
  5. Subbed for the end result. I'm starting a rebuild on my 97 RM250 motor next month and this is all good to know info.
  6. I have a 1999 YZ 125 and the needle keep sticking. Any suggestion as to what might be causing this? Will this require a cable replacement?
  7. I have been trying to find anything that would confirm that. Your not the first person I've heard say that.
  8. I recently had the same issue. I finally turned the bike on it's side so the PB Blaster could make it way thru the bearing spacers and with a little encouragement, it finally came out.
  9. Did you pick up a new crank or have yours fixed? Looks awesome! I'm doing a tear down of my newly acquired 97 RM250. The lower rod bearing is shot and I think that caused the failure. The piston skirt was busted when I took the jug off. Keep up the good work.
  10. The shrouds on my 97 RM250 are also purple, but you really can't tell with the graphics applied.
  11. This guy seems very emotionally attached to that bike.
  12. The guy had it listed originally for $1000 and it's now down to $600. I agree with all your comments. I think I will pass and just let it go. I can do the complete engine rebuild, but I think just that will be over $1k in parts alone and that doesn't count on all the other bearings that I would replaced, needed or not.
  13. I have an opportunity to purchase a 2004 RMZ250. The motor is locked up and the owner doesn't know what is wrong with it. The transmission is free and the bike rolls. Is this worth my time in rebuilding the motor? Overall the bike is in good shape. My guess is that maybe the piston has a problem or it's in the crank. Opinions?
  14. I going to put in a new top end, possibly rebuild the whole motor is necessary. New plastics, tires, bearings and bushings where needed. It will need a real good cleaning. More than likely, I will break it completely down, clean it, replace or repair what is needed and just overall restore as much as possible. Been thinking of powder coating the frame and painting the wheels as well. Haven't made a list of everything I want to accomplish yet, but will do that soon. I ordered a Clymer manual and when it gets here I'll have a better idea of what right looks like.
  15. Thanks for all the replies. I didn't think that it was anything special, just looking for some answers. Anyway, it was a cheap investment and will be a good winter project.