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  1. Yes, same as original plug
  2. Here's a new plug after 2 hrs hard running on the GG Contact. Fresh 91 octane 100:mix.
  3. Thanks for the info, excellent article on the engine break-in too. It would have been disappointing for you on the YZ. I'm waiting for a borescope, it should be here soon to have a poke around inside. Hopefully things aren't as bad as I anticipate. I haven't been "too" gentle with her, wheelies were several hundred meters at a time up hills in 3rd gear. fig 8's, yeah, slow.
  4. I understand not wanting to start a debate, no intention here either, however on one side, I ran 1.5% against the suggestion of the dealer, and look at the mess the plugs in, GasGas state 2%, GRO oil state 1.5 to 3% but at the end of the day, aside from the oil build up, the carbon deposits are significantly worse which would lead me to think the motors not hot enough. The issue here is I've never seen trials riders doing 50mph up hills for extended periods of time to get the engine hot enough to combat the carbon build up. Just thoughts.
  5. Yeah... I've been wondering the same thing.... On a positive note though, he's got a great reputation and very well known all over Aus as being the go to guy.
  6. Humm.. good points!. Specs recommend 2%. Dealer tells me to ignore it and run 100:1 using the GRO synthetic Off road1 oil. Just changed & gapped plug, cleaned already clean air filter, drained fuel and replaced with fresh batch at 100:1 and will pull the plug after an hours running and post results.
  7. She should be just about there by now, maybe a few more hours but close enough. Spoke to the dealer, he said to stay with current plug, run 95 octane not 98, and oil ratio 100:1. I'll dump fuel, change plug and report again after a few hours more use.
  8. Hi All, suggestions welcomed. It's the worst looking plug I've ever seen & a bit concerning for a new bike. The plugs out of a brand new Gas Gas 250, at 6 hrs break in period, mostly practicing fig 8's and wheelies. Mostly carbon build up with some oil residue Filter's clean, not over oiled Exhaust smells rich more than burning oil, more smoke then I would expect however, & smells like choke is on when running, however it isn't. Oil to fuel ratio is 1.5% with Global Racing Oil - Moto2T Off Road 1 Ambient temp around 27c in Brisbane Au. Time with choke on, a few seconds only to start bike when cold. Cant return to dealer, in a different state. Plug - NGK-R (BPR5ES)