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  1. Augoose

    TTR 125 Carb won't let gas through

    Is the float working? Set correctly? Try leaning bike over on right side a little then starting . There is also a fuel path in the bottom of the bowl which gets clogged. Google ttr125 won't start on YouTube and there is a great video a guy did on this same problem
  2. Augoose

    Trailtech in line temp sensor q's

    On my E which has the M6 screw in the top of the radiator (no thermostat), with air temps around 70 and riding trails, I run at about 185. I agree with above statement on water temps changing as yesterday it was quite a bit cooler, about 65 degrees and my coolant temp never made it over 160.
  3. Augoose

    TTR 225 clutch won’t disengage

    So you are saying that you tried to move #22 by hand and the clutch basket didn't move? This is generally what you are looking at on the inside of the clutch cover. If you are confident the cable and the handlebar lever are operational and the clutch still doesn't release, then yes, I'd say you need to remove the clutch cover and take a look at #5, #22 and #26. Order a new gasket first so you have it on hand. Might be just stuck clutch plates and old oil.
  4. Augoose

    Street riders near Greenville, SC

    Hey man, I'm in Columbia but ride trails at Enoree OHV. Put some dirt tires back on that thing and come ride trails!
  5. Augoose

    Trailtech in line temp sensor q's

    Call Trailtech and ask them to send you the screw in sensor and put it in the top of the radiator.
  6. Augoose

    Broken Cylinder Head Cover Bolt

    I could not agree more. Trust yourself on how much torque to apply to a bolt based on size and type of metal and it will likely be appropriate for most cases.
  7. Augoose

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Changed the oil for the first time after redoing the head and replacing the piston. No signs of any trouble! Huge relief. 2001 DRZ400e.
  8. Augoose

    Advice on TTR125LE prior to purchase

    I agree, the TTR125 is a perfect wife bike. My 12 year old has a small wheel version and my wife has a large wheel. In my area $800 is a good price, however that one "looks" like it might not have been taken care of. Maybe it is just cosmetics and the backbone is solid, hard to tell just by pics. Newer TTR's (2005-2009 or so) go for between $1100 and $1,500 in my area. I would definitely consider picking up a rough one for $600 or so, leaving wiggle room for a rebuild. Did you check the compression, smell the exhaust and check for signs of burning oil, and look at the plug and see if it has been running hot/lean or running rich? Price the cost of replacing the seat and the missing plastics, and the new back tire and adjust your initial offer accordingly. I'd also run the VIN to ensure it was not stolen before making a purchase. It also looks like a older model TTR, based on the graphics. I agree with the others above that a bike for your wife should be headache free, but if you are confident in your abilities I wouldn't turn away from a potentially decent bike at a good price. I bought both my TTR's non-running at a nice deal and had them up and running the same evening. Still going strong today. Good luck.
  9. Augoose

    carb question for pros

    How did you close up the fuel bowl with the float upside down? As for the failure to start, go back to basics. Fuel, spark, air. Based on your post, lets assume you have spark. Will the bike start with starting fluid? If you accidentally put the float in upside down, possibly there are other issues with the cleaning. Maybe the needle is stuck in the seat? If the bike starts with starting fluid, I suspect you have a fuel delivery issue. Have you measured and set the fuel bowl level?
  10. Augoose

    Drz400s metal tank on a Drz400e

    Please post up how that goes. I have a E model yellow tank that I want to make blue.
  11. Augoose

    Saturday ride

  12. So I've got a 2001 DRZ400e which for the most part is stock. A few months ago I installed a Trail Tech Voyager and it is awesome, as it has allowed me to keep an eye on engine temp. Generally while trail riding with the family during the summer in South Carolina, the engine creeps up to about 225 F or so, but that's while riding somewhat slow - about 10-12 mph. The E's have no radiator fans. When I get on a logging road or firebreak and get the speed up, the temp will drop to about 185 or 190. I also run engine ice. The temps didn't bother me but I have felt they were high since buying the bike last winter. Today I took about 20 minutes with a small screw driver and straightened all the bent fins on each radiator as best I could. I'd estimate that about 30% of the total surface area of the radiator had some level of bent fin. Nothing really bad, mainly just folded over a bit. I wanted to test how much of a difference straightening the fins would make. I went for a ride immediately after and all other things being equal, I saw about a 30 degree temp drop overall. The highest temp I pulled while riding slow and puttering around was 194, while the average temp just cruising down the trail at about 12 mph was 175. Getting on the firebreak and doing about 25 mph dropped the temp to the 160's. I didn't expect that a relatively small percentage of folded fins could make such a difference in engine temp. Just wanted to share.
  13. Augoose

    Problems with my 2004 ttr125

    Verify float bowl height while you are in there as well. GREAT video - not just for cold start issues
  14. Augoose

    2001 DRZ400e rear shock leak

    Don't worry about it - I found a shock that appears to be in good shape from a 2002 E model. Thanks again
  15. Augoose

    2001 DRZ400e rear shock leak

    Sorry, poor wording on my part. Didn't know if there were improvements made to newer S model suspensions which might be better than an older 2001 E shock, that's all. Thanks for the help and quick responses.