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  1. Augoose

    Trail tech vapor

    I have the Voyager which is pretty much the same thing but with maps and a GPS option for speed instead of the wheel sensor. Install is very easy, just take your time and plan out how the wires will run. Start with mounting the head unit somewhere where it doesn't put pressure on any wires or cables and angle it where you can see it even in the sun. Pick up some thin wire loom from either an auto parts store or Walmart and run all of your leads through that. Start all the leads together and in the same direction in front of the head tube and then start separating them where they need to go. Zip tie the leads next to existing wiring or cables but remember to leave yourself plenty of slack - test by turning the handlebars limit to limit. Same with the sensor going to the front wheel - ensure you give enough slack for full extension of the shocks. For power, I went all the way to the battery and then soldered in loop connectors with shrink wrap tubing around each connection. Do you have a charger/maintainer for the battery? Might be a good time to permanently connect a charging dongle to your battery.
  2. Augoose

    DRZ 400 fixup/restore/questions

    Looks great! How did you restore the tank?
  3. Time Left: 27 days and 2 hours

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    Here are two brand new radiator shrouds for a '09-'12 CRF450r. They came with my '04 I bought used but obviously do not fit. Just cover shipping/handling and they are yours. Or pickup if local in Columbia, SC.



  4. Augoose

    What year radiator shrouds are these?

    Perfect - thanks! I put up an add in the classifieds section.
  5. Augoose

    What year radiator shrouds are these?

    Thanks HRC27. There is somewhat of a calendar stamped on the back and it shows '08 through '13, but I guess that doesn't seem correct. Could they be '09 through '13? Is that a model style range? Since they don't fit my bike I'd like to give them to someone who could use them.
  6. Augoose

    Where to ride with all the rain and government shutdown

    Thanks, if you happen to hear from her or hear about volunteer stuff, I'd appreciate it if you could pass it on. I've never heard of RGT. Where is it? I haven't heard a track report from Durhamtown, but with all the mud this weekend it had to have been a mess. Do you have to be plated to ride the roads? I'm dying to find some trails/roads not covered in mud!
  7. These plastics came with my 2004 CRF450r when I bought it used a few months ago. They don't line up at all and based on the numbers stamped on the inside (4637), I'm assuming they fit a '08 to '13. Could that be correct? Thanks!
  8. Augoose

    Off road?

    I'm sure folks want to answer your question but might not know what you are asking. What type of riding are you planning on? If that was clear, you would likely get some more suggestions on modifications.
  9. Just wanted to share. Went into the garage today and saw the dreaded oil puddle beneath the left front fork. Last time this happened on my DRZ400e I tried to use an old credit card to clean out the seal but I think I just made it worse. Too thick or maybe I was too rough cleaning out the seal. At any rate, it kept leaking so I did a rebuild of the forks. Not something I wanted to repeat today. So for my Honda I went and picked up a Seal Mate to see if that would help. What do you know, it worked! I started with pulling down the dust seal with a small flat blade screw driver and then cleaned it all out with a old toothbrush, some Rem oil and an air compressor. I then started with the Seal Mate pick end first and ran it up about 1/2" inside the seal. Once it stopped, I turned the Seal Mate vertically and after pressing/smearing the Seal Mate against the shock, I worked it all the way around. A fair amount of oil ran down which is expected and it carried away quite a bit of what looked like tiny granules of dirt and mud. I then pumped the shock a couple of times, cleaned what the pumps pushed had down, and then ran the Seal Mate around again. Clean this time. I put some Rem oil on the dust seal and put it back together. No leaks so far! Hope this helps someone else!
  10. Augoose

    Where to ride with all the rain and government shutdown

    I went to CAW two weeks ago with another TT member and it was VERY muddy. I'm sure its better with a little less rain lately but still not worth the $40 entry fee IMO. I keep hoping that Enoree will open early this spring since they've effectively been closed since mid October, but that's not a realistic expectation. My plan is to find the POC for Enoree and offering to come help with trail maintenance this spring to help get things going. Parson's mountain- same thing. There is the Gulches in Clinton and I used to go jeeping over there but I bet its the same as CAW - pretty muddy. Friends and family went to Durhamtown in GA for a MX race but with all the rain expected today that's a no-go for me. Makes me miss how great the trails were at Enoree at the end of last summer. Are you in the midlands Craig?
  11. Augoose

    TTR 125 Knocks

    Of course value changes by area, but in South Carolina I woudn't feel comfortable asking more than $350. Assuming everything else is in good shape. For reference, I've bought three TTR's lately - all between $450 and $1,000. The $450 needed a carb rebuild and that was it. The $1,000 needed nothing. Good luck
  12. Augoose


  13. Looks like the regular to me. I've got a tall for comparison.
  14. Derrrrrr.....I clearly wasn't on my a-game yesterday morning....
  15. Augoose

    CRF450R stock exhaust valves question

    The added weight is one of the topics of the attached thread above. Several authors suggest that the stock springs are capable of handling the additional weight. Of course just because I'm not having any problems doesn't mean using stock springs is ok...just sharing my experience and what I found in researching the same topic. $260 for a full kit sounds pretty good too. Good luck!