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  1. Augoose

    Just purchased 2002 DRZ400E Cant get it running

    What does the plug look like - is it wet? Try some starting fluid instead of carb + choke cleaner. Remove the intake boot and shine a flashlight down the throat of the carb - when you try to start the bike and open the throttle do you see any fuel getting sucked in?
  2. Augoose

    Just purchased 2002 DRZ400E Cant get it running

    Have you seen the spark by grounding out the plug? Are you positive the timing is correct? What is the condition of the fuel? Have you tried starting fluid vs carb + choke cleaner?
  3. Augoose

    Petrol leaking from carb

    Do you mean Keihin? Could be gunk in the bowl interfering with the float, the float itself is compromised and fills with gas, or a bad seat. If it were me and while I had the carb off the bike, I'd order a complete rebuild kit which will include all the seats, jets, o-rings and gaskets you will need rather than just the seat, o-ring and new gasket for the bowl itself and give the whole thing a cleaning.
  4. Augoose

    Idle Speed

    Here is my 2001 E at about 1500 rpms according to a trailtech voyager. Not warmed up fully, but might give you can idea.
  5. Augoose

    Suzuki drz s 400...

    My fault. I saw the 3x3 mod and assumed it involved the FCR.
  6. Augoose

    Suzuki drz s 400...

    From the stickies by Erik Marquez: https://thumpertalk.com/forums/forum/215-drz400-faq/ sea level stock exhaust or "quite,96db,corked up etc aftermarket pipe", 3x3 - 155 main jet 200 main air jet EMN needle clip 3 45 pilot jet 2 turns fuel screw o-ring mod sea level,aftermarket pipe with open muffler- 160 main jet 200 main air jet EMN needle clip 3 45 pilot jet 2 turns fuel screw o-ring mod
  7. Augoose

    04 suzuki drz400e problem

    Sounds like you are starving for fuel. What's the condition of the fuel filter, gas in tank, petcock valve, and carb? You might have garbage in fuel bowl which got picked up and clogged a fuel circuit in the carb
  8. Augoose

    TTR125e battery / charging?

    Just to help others in similar situations, the bike this battery was on was used weekly, sometimes multiple times per week. On the weekends it would run several hours at a time, so it wasn't an issue of sitting. The issue I believe was a poor quality battery. It was a Firepower CTXL4L-BS, which was what the dealer recommended for my wife's TTR125LE. It lasted about 4 months. My son's TTR125e has a cheaper Walmart ES4LBS which was installed three months before my wife's battery, was ridden the same amount generally, and hasn't touched a battery maintainer yet. My DRZ400e which runs a headlight and a Trailtech Voyager and hasn't touched a maintainer either and it seems fine. Not quite comparing apples to apples, but this comparison allows me to set somewhat of a base expectation for this Firepower battery and assist in troubleshooting. Not saying the bikes wouldn't benefit from a maintainer when its sitting, but I've tested each bike and each have around a .01mA draw while everything is off. The battery is a 3Ah battery, which should be able to maintain itself riding off and on a couple of times per week providing the bike is being ridden long enough to put a charge back into it. I agree that batteries should be maintained when in storage, but in SC its still very much summer time fun around here and my equipment seems to be always in steady use. I keep my boat's dual batteries, my CJ7's battery, my son's gokart, my three bikes and my riding lawn mower battery all on maintainers over the winter, so I'm no stranger to that process. I use a bank of Schumacher 1.5A maintainers. I just ordered three more pigtail quick release connectors along with 25' extensions so that when the bikes come back into the garage for the evening, I pull the pigtails from behind the plastic covers and they now get plugged in. We will see if that process becomes tedious overkill, or if it pays off in protecting $27 batteries. Thanks all for the input and help
  9. Augoose

    NO COMPRESSION, sat for 3 years

    I bet your rings are stuck to your piston. Same exact thing happened to me, same symptoms.
  10. Augoose

    TTR125e battery / charging?

    New battery and bikes starts fine. Checked for any draw with my meter and there's nothing w/key out and ignition off. Spoke with dealer who provided the original battery last April and his opinion was that "anytime" the bike is not running it needs to be on a trickle charger. He said 60% of the battery's capacity is used during a typical start, which I question a bit. I've cranked the engine in my son's TTR over and over when we first got it (carb issues) and the battery held up great, so I don't see how hitting the starter for a few seconds uses 60% of a 3 Ah battery. There's no way the starter draws that much but I suppose I could test it with my meter to verify. What say you guys? Put the bike on a maintainer any time the bike is not running or only over winter/long term storage?
  11. Augoose

    Slow getting back down to idle

    Hanging idle can be an air leak, binding throttle cables, binding throttle valve slide assembly or bad carb tune. Did you spray some carb and choke clearer or starting fluid around the carb when its running to see if the idle increases? If so, you might have an air leak somewhere. If not that, pull the air intake boot off the carb and twist the throttle - watch the throttle valve slide move and see if either the cables or slide binds. When you replaced the needle did you accidentally change clip positions?
  12. Augoose

    TTR125e battery / charging?

    Thanks for the response. I have not tried another battery, but that is a great next step. I plan on trying to get another battery under warranty, so we will see! I'll post results. Thanks!
  13. Augoose

    TTR125e battery / charging?

    Wife's TTR125 LE won't start with electric start - just clicks at starter solenoid relay. Kick starts just fine. I replaced the solenoid relay as the battery was only 4 months old and I just assumed it was fine - same symptom so its not the relay. I checked voltage at the battery and it was 10.5 volts. Kick started it and check voltage at battery - 14.5 volts while running, which leads me to believe that the charging system is working correct? I left the battery on a tender for about two hours and came back and checked voltage at the battery - 12.5 v. Tried to start it one time and it clicked. Check voltage immediately following and it was 11.5 v. Tried to start it again - click - checked voltage, 10.5v. What's the consensus? Battery failed prematurely?
  14. Augoose

    2016 running lean

    Does the 400s have clip positions on the needle like the 400e? Maybe move the needle higher (move clip down) one slot?
  15. Augoose

    DRZ-400s opinion on price for noob?

    Based on the "Thumpertalk" cover, the current owner or maybe a past owner was on the forums at some point. Looks pretty clean. I'd ask about whether the loc-tite fix or any other mods have been done and that might give you some insight as to how well it was cared for.