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  1. rsq.engineer

    Front Brake issue/recommendation

    No offense taken... I have probably spent too much on a lot of parts on this bike, but I'm in the learning stage and its easier right now for me to just replace a lot of stuff and then figure out how to rebuild the old stuff I remove and keep as spares. But these particular parts did not add up to very much. The steel braided line was the most expensive. So the rest seemed pretty insignificant. I'm building up a pretty good spare parts collection. 😁 I also bought the bike really really cheap off a friend so I've got a lot of wiggle room on spending money on parts.
  2. rsq.engineer

    Front Brake issue/recommendation

    Okay, so this is what I've decided to do... I ordered rebuild kits for both the OEM master cylinder, and the Caliper... I ordered new pads (front and rear), and a steel braided line. I also ordered a Honda CR125 master cylinder off ebay... somebody told me they are much better and it was $30 bucks... so I'll give it a try. Thanks all for the input! This should be another great learning experience.
  3. rsq.engineer

    Front Brake issue/recommendation

    Thanks. So the Honda stuff will fit right on? Or will I need to do something crazy for it to work? I will dig into the Honda stuff in the meantime! Thanks.
  4. Hey all, I have been rebuilding a 1999 KDX200. Its been running great but the front brake has stopped working. I think it needs new pads, however it now feels dead in the brake lever. I can try and rebuild it, but I am wondering if I should just upgrade and what I should upgrade it too. Also would I upgrade all parts? I don't want to spend hundreds but I'm okay spending a little bit to do it right. Thanks
  5. Thanks! Good wisdom... I wouldn't have put myself out there with the questions if I didn't want logical feedback. I was thinking the same with the tw200, but... It seemed like a good fit for our RV travels (run into town quick, or head up to the trails from the rv spot instead of driving out and loading/unloading)... I do appreciate all responses and sure I may not like all of them, but they will help me build a picture and look at things a little different. I like perspective, its sort of like politics. You can't just be staunch on one side of things just because its all you know or want.
  6. I’m sorry. I didn’t mention my wife has a motorcycle license and knows how to ride street... a Yamaha tw200 is what I meant to say. (All these designators and numbers. Lol). Thank you for all that solid info.
  7. Crap, you are right... I meant KTM... between auto correct and looking at so many bikes my mind got mixed up. Thanks
  8. Thanks nobade. I did actually consider that. And I think that would be a good size for the technical stuff, however I like to open up on the dirt roads in Big Bend as well, and I think I'd like to be able to ride it into town at some point when we take our rv places. Thats mostly where I'm having the hard time... do I go for just trail or something that can do a little bit more and gives me flexibility. I know riding a dirt bike isn't the same as mtn biking... but some of it is, and mostly judgment... i.e. split second decisions and knowing your limits and when to push them. I know I'll be pushing it to the bikes limit in no time... but I'm also aware of my "limited" experience on a motorized death machine. lol
  9. Hello all, So quick back story... I am an avid and pretty advanced mountain biker. I have ridden long distance, technical, downhill, you name it. I really like technical riding and I'm really good at tight single track with huge rocks to ride up and over. One of my favorite trails is in AZ called the 50yr and also slick rock in Moab... We travel to both fairly often as well as Big Bend Ranch SP in Texas. I also have a small ranch here in Texas (almost 15 acres with a large hill). Soo... I have a heavy equipment buisness and do tractor work... I've built trails on my property... and I did some work for a neighbor down the road. He had a 1999 KDX 200 2 stroke... he brought it up and said have fun. I've only ridden a dirt bike a few times years ago but I thought hell! I can tame anything.. LOL. It took me a couple weeks but I can rip around my tight trails and I'm getting more confident every day. Here is the problem! I love it! That jerk just created an animal. Now I want to buy my 8yr old a Yamaha ttr110 or equivalent, and my wife said she would ride too... I figure I've got $20k or more in mountain bikes and its stupid that they cost as much or more than dirt bikes and I think the three of us could ride dirt bikes together easier than MTN bikes. Okay, lots of back story and stuff, but here is where I'm at. I want to buy a newer dirt bike (this one is great but its not mine and it needs work). I really like the 2 stroke but I am thinking I want a 4 stroke electric start and preferably enduro or one that I can ride most anywhere. I will probably buy this KDX200 from friend and put $500 into it, so I'll have it to play with either way. I just rode and looked at a super nice KTM 350SX but after thinking about it I think an XCF would fit me better. I have about $5000 to play with for myself, and I think I've got wifey bike covered a Yamaha wr200, and I'm looking at a 2007 Yamaha ttr110 for the boy. OK... lets hear your thoughts. I have a few friends who I mountain bike with and also dirt bike so I've had a few ideas from them as well. oh and I think a 250 will be too small for me now... I'm hooked on the power of the KDX200 and I thought the KTM 350 was just a tad low... however I am not experienced at motorized riding and I didn't wind the 4 stroke out like I should... the 2 stroke feels better to me as far as the power band so far, but I did like how forgiving the 350 was. Thanks!