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  1. Isaiah

    Wont idle without throttle

    The carb has already been cleaned by a so called professional over at kawasaki
  2. Isaiah

    Wont idle without throttle

    So i have a 50cc pitbike and when i crank it up i have to immediately hold the throttle at a position for it to stay on after i get it warmed up ride around for a bit if i let off it will idle for about 4 seconds then cut off it starts good only takes 1 pull btw its a 1 screw adjustment carb not used to those never tuned it really before just my cousins he asked me to take a look at it because it was bogging when he went past half throttle and making weird noises any ideas what the whole idle thing can be ?
  3. Isaiah

    Pitbike bog problems

    So i have a 50cc pitbike and issues ive been having is ive tooken the carb off and completely cleaned everything jets bulb all that sparyed carb cleaner threw it soaked jet in carb cleaner let it dry and im still having the same problem if i put my choke all the way up it dies its almost there too i can get it just like less than a inch away from all the way up but it still dies another problem is since then when i ride past half throttle it makes a weird noise and i want to go max speed but im scaref too because of the noises the exaust or engine makes once i start to get up there sounds weird but ever since i cleaned the carb i found it runs best at halfchoke but i havent tried really opening it up because of the noises but it rides fine ideas?
  4. Isaiah

    Dirtbike acceleration problems

    Ok i will take the carb off and clean it today and btw yesterday i got ir riding i forgot i tightened the chain last week and for some reason it would cause the wheel to kind of lock a little idk but u think its too tight i had it running just had to gas it and she went fine after that but im gonna clean the carb and definetly loosen that chain up
  5. Isaiah

    Dirtbike acceleration problems

    It hasnt sat for a long time its only been a week cus ive been busy then i started it today and i gave it gas and it started jerking a little but wouldn't move plus there was no gas in it after sitting for a week
  6. Isaiah

    Dirtbike acceleration problems

    Yes teeth are fine on front sprocket. What it does is i have to get on the gas for it to even jerk and if i try and ride it makes a weird noise and stalls
  7. Isaiah

    Dirtbike acceleration problems

    I have a 50cc pitbike today i whiped it out it starts fine then i get on the gas it jerks a little but doesnt go anywhere is it the clutch or the front sprocket?? Because i have to really get back on the throttle for it to jerk or do anything at all any suggestions thx?
  8. Isaiah

    Dirtbike carb problem

    I have a little 50cc chinese pitbike i got to mess around i need help it will start after like 10 pulls then it will run fine with choke on but once i turn it off bike dies i took carb off cleaned main jet started and idle much better but once i turn off choke it dies and i was told clean pilot jet aka slow jet but i cant find it most carb vids there right next to each other but i can never find it can someone plz help me to locate it to find it so i can get this solved i want to ride soon btw it will ride with choke on but its bad for the bike i have only rode it 1 time with choke on to see wat it would do it was just a lack of power and once i started to go fast it dies plz help me locate pilot jet