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  1. drewkuze

    RM 125 not running

    I've looked at the needle valve, and it seems to be able to move freely. the rubber tip is completly smooth, and it does not seem ti get stuck when i blow through the gas intake
  2. drewkuze

    RM 125 not running

    No, that is not fixed yet, but idk what is wrong with it. I cleaned and positioned it correctly, and cleaned the entire carb. As soon as I put the float bowl on, the float does not move.
  3. drewkuze

    RM 125 not running

    I've already checked that, fuel is coming through the petcock and the fuel was replaced recently
  4. drewkuze

    RM 125 not running

    I recently started the bike for a couple of seconds with engine starting fluid, does that mean anything or could it still be a pretty big problem
  5. drewkuze

    RM 125 not running

    I haven’t checked any of that yet, but I’ll be able to tomorrow and I’ll see if the spark plug is wet or not
  6. drewkuze

    RM 125 not running

    This is all true, but do you think it could have anything to do with the intake system? I don’t have a large enough bag I’d get to year down the engine, but I could do that if necessary for the bike to run
  7. drewkuze

    RM 125 not running

    I recently got a 2003 rm125. when I first got it, the bike was running. I went to ride it down to trails, and it was bogging when not in the high rpm range. Then the bike shut off, I started it again, rode for about 2 more minutes in powerband and it cut again. I couldn't get it running so I had to get a ride back to my house. I bought the actual spark plug (the 36.00 one). WhenI kickstart the bike, it sounds like no gas is getting in the engine. I opened and cleaned the carburetor, and checked to see if the float worked. I put the carb back together, and the float would not move. I don't know what the problem is, can anyone help?
  8. I bought a used 2003 rm125 recently. It seemed fine, ran fine until I went into powerband and would stall. I replaced the spark plug, it started once and nowit won't start. idk if its because it just became colder in my state, ct. I dont know whats wrong with it can anyone help?