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  1. Why would I want to give him any business, pointing out grammatical errors and throwing a hissie fit shouting out "needle jet" and "jet needle" just to prove that I made a mistake with the title, does not help anyone. Others including yourself seemed to know what I was talking about. Besides, he knows nothing about the condition of the bike, just because it's close to drinking and voting age doesn't mean it's been flogged, and if the jet was worn then moving the clip up and down shouldn't make much difference either, but it does, so I will happily go on using my not quite 18 year old part. Thank you for your previous post too, it helped me understand the needle codes better.
  2. pilot 48; main 175; power 50; #7 slide; Pro Circuit pipe; Ride close to sea level around 25-27 deg C. (not ATM though way to hot and humid) I just wanted some advice on available needles, which I got from mlatour and some extra research from kxrob. Apart from this one little bog the engine's saying " all is good and I got my s**t together". Thanks for your interest.
  3. I GUESS you should have put all that in your first answer. Still doesn't changed the fact there is no part number for the jet, so it can't be replaced unless I can machine my own, and seeing as I bought a 15 year old bike, I guess I don't have enough money for a lathe and a press either.
  4. Thanks for telling me what I am talking about. I only mentioned the needle, I don't think I mentioned the needle jet and for good reason, see the first two lines in the attachment from the manual. So, thanks again for your help on those needle part numbers that I enquired about.
  5. Float height and seat good, had the carb apart so many times trying to figure where the crud in the bowl was coming from(turned out to be degrading rubber inside of fuel hose), so checked many times. I have also checked the reeds, now they do have a layer of carbon on the engine side due to burning tranny oil via leaky bearing seal(now replaced), but they still seal properly. Not sure if the carbon build up changes their effectiveness or not, but at $80 odd bucks a throw that will have to wait for now. At the moment from reading the manual I am inclined to go with the N3CJ and see if that fixes it. But I will look into Suzuki needles and see if that changes my decision. Thanks for replying. Also what year is your KX, my brother in law has a 2000 model and it is a weapon, flies past me on my track.
  6. Thanks, I've read quite a few jetting articles and have been there, done that. I got the pilot and main jets perfect I just need some advice on which needle I should go for considering the current needle set up.
  7. I bought a 2002 YZ 250 and I wanted to move everything back to stock so I could jet it to my area, the PO moved the needle(N3EJ) clip up to the top position (leanest), so I lowered it to position 2 and the bike would bog between 1/4 and 1/2 open throttle, clip position 3 was even worse. There is a slight bog in clip position 1 but not so noticeable when warmed up. Looking at the manual leaner needles seem to be half a clip each, so my question is should I jump over the next in line N3CJ and go to either N3EK or N3CK, which should allow clip position 2 to be used and be slightly leaner. Is this the way needles work or will the taper, diameter, etc change things to much. Thanks for any input