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  1. You have to be a really good rider.. That and lots of wood chips or something soft to land in. This guy raced supercross at one point i believe and is really skilled. it's really hard to do.
  2. I had comp 5s for a little over a year. The buckles constantly came undone while riding and the sole completely separated from the left boot. They are garbage in my opinion. I've had $100 boots that lasted longer.
  3. I had that lever on my bike for a while. I do think it can cause the clutch to drag and is finicky to adjust, but its supposed to make the clutch pull a little easier, not harder, so you probably have something else going on.
  4. Tomac's going to win, he's the faster rider out there. Anyone making bets, bet on Tomac. He's as much of a sure thing as there is.
  5. KTM xcw's are great. And I think would be a little better for someone who isn't a super fast or aggressive rider. They have a low first gear, a little softer suspension than yz250x. They also have electric start and hydraulic clutch. The power valve can be tuned to make them crazy fast or really "slow". When I bought my 2012 250xcw it felt almost like my kdx200 because the power valve was turned way in. They are more expensive though, but for someone that isn't racing I think they are better in every way.
  6. I keep seeing these advertised and Ive been so tempted to buy them to replace my crappy POS comp 5's that I hate. Been hesitating since I've never heard of the website and dont know anything about TCX, but I think you've convinced me.
  7. Looking for advice from fast AA or A off road racers. How long have you ridden/ raced? How do you train? How often do you ride? I'm trying to get faster and due to where riding areas are it's impossible for me to ride more than once a week. I probably average every other week during the summer. Is it possible to get "stinkin Fast" without riding 2 times a week? Mainly just want to know what it takes.
  8. The best riding areas in MO are through racing. Theres no good single track in Missouri unless you go out and race a forward motion or MHSC race. You don't have to be a super fast rider, just competent. Some guys "race" just so they can ride a bunch of different areas. not saying theres no good riding in MO, chadwick is good and walters ranch is fair, but its hard to pass up on 15 different 5+ mile single track courses specifically made for dirt bikes