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  1. Hey guys an update on this topic if anyone wants to chime in. I rode the bike last weekend and was paying more attention to how it was running. To me it felt like the power valve was stuck open. I took it all apart scraped a whole bunch of carbon build up off the exhaust valve and slapped it back together. The valve feels like it move smoother and more freely, but the bike still runs like crap. It has very little power in the low to midrange and then hits hard on the top end. It also still has the loud noise! I'm getting frustrated. Could it be whatever the powervalve link connects to in the bottom end? Clogged jets? Reeds?
  2. kylektm

    Kailub Russell to Race Pro Motocross

    Here is a video from a few months ago of him practicing at the Baker factory. Not eli tomac fast but he looks pretty competent to me.
  3. kylektm

    Kailub Russell to Race Pro Motocross

    I bet he is going to do very well. He is not just some GNCC racer. He is the best GNCC racer by a long shot.
  4. Its a 2012 250 xcw. I have a new pipe coming. It should be here in a day or two. I have had a hard time getting the pipe stuffed in the hole and lining up enough to fit the mounting brackets and silencer. My best guess as of now is that it was leaking where the pipe meets the cylinder. Even though it doesnt look like it.
  5. I checked the packing and its still like new. I changed it not long ago. Doesn't sound like piston knock. it sounds like someone took a screwdriver and beat a hole in my exhaust. it sounds normal at low rpm's and gets loud and crappy sounding when it revs up. I can't for the life of me figure out why its doing this. no loss of power either.
  6. So last two times i rode the engine sounded very different than it used to. It almost sounds like there is a hole in my pipe, or the silencer needs repacking. I pulled my silencer apart and it is fine. My pipe is super bent up and dented, but it has been this way since i've owned the bike. I have a new one on the way anyways, but i don't think thats the problem; its not leaking anywhere or cracked open. 2 other things i've messed with recently are i screwed my power valve out quite a ways, and have a pretty bad oil leak i'm fixing that is coming from the power valve cover (attached to the cylinder) I don't know how either of those things could effect it, i'm just trying to be thorough as I don't know what to do. I also thought maybe I overheated the bike because it was really hot and i was just putting around.(I think that can change how a bike sounds??) But i've raced it since then and it sounded the same. I've pulled off my pipe and the piston looks fine. any ideas? It sounds like crap. and its really loud.
  7. kylektm

    Clutch and front brake perch problems

    Wrap arounds dont let the bars flex like normal. Even the top woods riders usually seem to run flag style.
  8. kylektm

    Can we stop with the bullshit now?

    You can't really compare people from different time periods like that. Racing these days is faster, and more of a science than it was 20 years ago. If RC was racing today I bet he would not be winning every moto. One of the big reasons RC won a lot was because he trained like a maniac. And everyone else took it "easy" . These days everyone trains like crazy and have more powerful bikes, better technology etc. Its like comparing apples to oranges.
  9. kylektm

    Rocky Race set up?

    I've found when I try to adjust my suspension or setup for a certain race I usually end up making it worse. Or different enough that I dont feel as comfortable on it. I think consistency is almost more important than adjusting rebound 1 click out or whatever. I'm far from an excellent rider, but unless you are a pro or "A" rider I dont really think it's necessary.
  10. kylektm

    Bought dirtbike without title

    I think it kind of depends where you live. I live in missouri, and I've never had a bike with a title. Nobody I know worries about tiles, and when I sell them nobody is ever concerned about the lack of a title.
  11. kylektm

    Wet boots

    I think most boots leak.. I've just gotten used to it lol
  12. kylektm

    2012 300 xcw handlebar dimensions

    This might not be helpful, but I bent the bars on my 2012 and replaced them with tusk bars. The main reason being that they have a ktm bend option and seems to be just like the old ones. Better than spending the rediciulous amount of money the want for nekkin bars.
  13. kylektm


    I believe travis pastrana did erzberg one year and he didnt win or anything , but he did finish, which is an accomplishment in itself. But ya.. I think gncc type races are way more similar to motocross than they are to hard enduro, where trials techniques come into play.
  14. kylektm

    Woods Racing--stabilizers

    I raced with one for awhile and it broke. I've been riding and racing without it for the past year and I'm starting to think they aren't really that important. I think it's almost more of a mental thing.
  15. kylektm

    Kx450 or 250

    450s are a lot of bike for even experienced riders. Especially if you are doing any sort of tight trail riding. A 250 2 stroke or 4 stroke will still have enough power to be plenty fun. Also dont expect your mountain bike skills to transfer to a dirt bike right away. While it will definitely help, they are a pretty different set of skills.