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  1. kylektm


    I was able to take the flange off on my 2012 without removing the cylinder, but it's a tight fit. If I had to do it again I'd just take it all off. Itll be 90% of the way there any way.
  2. kylektm

    4stroke vs 2stroke bottom end

    I haven't spent a lot of time on 4 strokes, but the little I have ridden them, I noticed 2 things. In low rpm the power is very twitchy and on/off. Makes it hard to be precise. Also they stall out with no warning. My 2t will lug down to dang near idle; way below any sort of useful power, but a 4 stroke feels like it should lug lower and then it just dies.
  3. kylektm

    Low/casual dirt boots/shoes

    Buy full size boots. It's way too easy to get off balance then quickly put your foot down on a rock. It's nice to know that hour ankle isnt going to give with full boots on. Guarantee I would have multiple broken bones and sprains if I didnt wear boots.
  4. It's kind of hard to say they are moving away from hard enduro when the top hard enduro riders are still doing all the same hard enduro races they were before. Only difference is they combined them into a series that includes a variety of races. I'm still kind of on the fence about wess. I'd rather see an all hard enduro series. Something that also includes a race or two from the US. Like Tennessee knockout.
  5. kylektm

    Power valve cover bolts wont go back in

    Did you get them mixed up with the bolts for the cover on the other side? Maybe they are different sizes..
  6. kylektm

    Tool Tube - A trial run.

    Trying to fix a tire on the trail sounds like a nightmare. I struggle enough in my garage haha
  7. kylektm

    Which used KTM for trail riding?

    A 200 would be easier to ride. You can lug the engine more than a 150, so it is more forgiving on hills.
  8. kylektm

    Enduro and harescrambles

    I'm of the opinion that if you are a lower level racer it's better to just leave stuff alone. I've got my bike to where it feels pretty good in almost everything. When I try to make an adjustment for a specific race i usually end up not liking it.
  9. What the manual says is usually for someone who is racing and pushing the bike to its max. I think even new 4 strokes have ridiculously short service intervals for the top end. Like 50 hours or something. But in reality it's all about how you ride it.
  10. kylektm

    Whoops stability, 2013 xcw 300 vs. 2013 kx450f

    Probably has a little to do with the pds shock also. I dont know how/why, but there has got to be a reason ktm uses linkage for their xc and sx bikes.
  11. There isn't a definite rule. If you aren't getting the grip you want or are expecting it's probablytime to change it. Especially if it feels unsafe, or to the point its unpredictable and could wash out at any time. The size of the knobs are only part of it. When they get rounded they lose lots of grip.
  12. Hand guards are pretty much a necessity. A skid plate, shark fin and radiator braces are nice to have too. Bring a few common parts like levers, spark plug, basic tools. Hydrate like crazy the week leading up to the race. I wear a 70 oz camelbak and often drink the whole thing during the 2 hours. Your first few races will have a steep learning curve. Dont go out there expecting to win, or even finish well. Just ride smooth and focus on completing the race.
  13. I agree. I rode without that bolt in for a year on my bike. As long as you have the springs and lower bolt it's still pretty sturdy.
  14. kylektm

    How often you guys repack silencer

    Depending on how much you ride, every year or two sounds about right. I'd say just pull it off and have a look. It shouldn't be too difficult.
  15. Does the mount swivel? I know my ktm's does. Have tried leaving everything else unbolted and just getting that mount lined up first? I would think it would have quite a bit of wiggle room.