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  1. kylektm

    Ktm 300.

    You mean 2 stroke?
  2. kylektm

    New rider near KCMO!

    Oakland/ riverside atv park: easy, lots of flat trails and some open areas, theres a small sand pit and some jumps.usually Some mud holes in the woods unless it's really dry out Perry lake: small, sort of rocky and not many open areas. (Although there are some smooth easy trails that aren't in the woods) theres one or 2 hills that are pretty fun to mess around on and can be a little challenging. Walter's ranch- privately owned but open pretty much year round. $10 a day. Super rocky, more tailored to side by sides, but good for bikes too. I wouldnt recommend it for newer riders, or young kids. Deepwater: pretty crappy. One of my least favorites. Lots of mud holes and dead ends where you have to turn around. Usually pretty over grown. No rocks. Chadwick: best riding place "near" kc. Its 4 hr away, but worth the trip. Camp out and make a weekend of it. More trails than you can hit in a day. Trails range from beginner to extremely difficult. It's possible to stay on the easier trails, but easy to get in over your head if your inexperienced. Very rocky in most areas, but some trails are groomed too smooth them out. There are also harescramble and enduro race series nearby. Fmhsc is the one that is centered around KC. They have classes for every age and skill level. I highly recommend racing after you guys have been riding a while. Most of the races are on private properties that can't be ridden,except on race days. That's where a lot of the good riding is in my opinion.
  3. kylektm

    Gnarly fitment issue

    are you using a stock silencer with the fmf pipe? I know on my 2012 you have to use an aftermarket silencer with a fmf pipe, or it doesn't line up.
  4. Ya. I was thinking something like a drz engine in a ktm frame. You could ride it around town and mess around without worrying about putting a ton of hours on you're engine, and you wouldnt have to change oil, adjust valves, rebuild the engine all the time. And then when you take it off road it would be nearly as capable as any dirt bike. Problem is a bike like this would probably cost similar to a new ktm, and nobody would buy one because they could get "so much more hp" out of a ktm 500, or whatever. I'd buy a bike like this used, but definitely not new.
  5. kylektm

    New boot problems

    Nah. It should be one bolt. Undo it, slide the shifter off and rotate it so it lines up with the next spline. Nothing to mess up.
  6. kylektm

    New boot problems

    Some companies do make longer shift levers. Or you could try adjusting the lever up/down on the splines.
  7. This is what the market is missing I think. A super reliable engine in a modern frame with capable suspension. It would sell like crazy.
  8. kylektm

    New boot problems

    Is this your first time using mx boots? It takes a little time to get the feel for it.
  9. kylektm

    250/300xc or XCW?

    I race a 2012 xcw and my next one is definitely going to be an xc. The pds on the newer models might be better, but mine is pretty terrible for breaking bumps and harder hits. Also, the hare scrambles i do are usually pretty tight and on the slower side, but I still rarley use 1st gear.
  10. If you end up getting a dirt bike first, get something small and low powered. So you can paddle with your feet. I'm pretty confident you could learn this way. Going strait to a full size bike would 100% be a bad idea.
  11. kylektm

    can the average rider be this good!

    A lot of that stuff is definitely doable for an amateur. Although not as clean or cool looking. But to try to make an edit that looks this cool you pretty much need to be a pro rider, at some level at least. It takes a lot of seat time and $$$ to get this good
  12. kylektm

    List of Rookies every year since 2000

    Anyone know What rookies are supposed to race supercross in 2019?
  13. You do need to look beyond just ama events also. In MO we have multiple series that have nothing to do with AMA
  14. Depends how/ where you ride, but I think Its pretty safe to assume that sooner or later you are going to break something, or at least sprain something badly. Budget it into your finances lol.
  15. If you are running that low of pressure you are definitely going to get pinch flats. I've gotten a pinch flat before at 15psi which is what I ran when I used tubes. You won't get pinch flats with tubliss, but it is still possible to flat if you puncture the tire.