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  1. Samuel Theriault

    What is this bolt?

    Do you think I need a new actuator shaft or a new cover?
  2. Samuel Theriault

    What is this bolt?

    Bolt seems to be leaking stuff out, transmission oil??? When trying to tighten it, it just spins without much force needed and doesn't screw in. I can't find it in the manual, been bugging me for a while now. What is it and what does it do, Thanks!
  3. Samuel Theriault

    Rotary engine spark plugs in a 2S - anyone?

    Holy cow do they ship to canada? Oh and thanks for changing that title.
  4. Samuel Theriault

    Rotary engine spark plugs in a 2S - anyone?

    The things is, how do I mesure gap with this type of plug. Is it from one ground to the electrode or from one ground to another passing by the electrode? Also, could you please educate me as to how a wrong gap can harm the bike? I just thought a longer gap meant more spark and narrower gap meant smaller spark so for example that means I could have the gap larger for richer conditions and vice versa.
  5. Samuel Theriault

    Bike will run but cuts off after about 10 seconds

    Is it because the idle is very low. People tend to put their idle to the lowest they can sometimes. Maybe you could try and up the idle a little so it runs for ever. I'd get a manual and see where the idle screw adjustment is because I don't know where it is on fuel injected bikes as well. Luckily for you the manual always knows so he's a good friend to have.
  6. Sorry if this sounded like clickbait but my bike is not rotary. It's just that I fouled my last spark plug yesterday and I wanted to ride that day. I tried cleaning the plugs with a blow torch and compressed air but they did not produce spark. So being the persistent idiot I am, I asked my brother if I could borrow him a spark plug out of his 1986 mazda rx7. He had changed them recently out of precaution but they still worked. The plug had de same heat rating (9) but is much different in shape. It is a bur9eq, I will put a picture down below. These plugs have the ground on the side as little blocks and the spark forms a cross shape through the electrode in the middle. They are this way so the rotor does not clip the electrode traditionally found in other spark plugs... yes the rotor spins that close to the plugs. They are also designed to take extreme heat and fast rpm. So I plopped it in the bike after checking on my other plugs if it wouldn't be too long. They had the same lenght inside the head so I put it in and slowly cranked the bike to see if I could hear a little cling on top of the piston. Everything sounded fine so I started it up. It started pretty easy and screamed loud. The bike ran crisp, heck I think it ran crispier than before! So I rode for a while and examined the plug, it was cleaner then when we got it in... the carbon was cleaned form it. So if you are in a rush and got nothing but these bur9eq, just know that they work, but 20$ a plug is not a price I want to pay so don't go out of your way to buy these things, exept if your rotary demands it.
  7. Samuel Theriault


    Jeez if it has been sitting with no seat and filter don't even try to turn it over. Could be rats in the damn thing for all you know . But seriously though, I'd open it up, inspect the crank, top end and reed valve. At the same time you will have he chance to remove the water from the bike. And I'd adress that carburetor leak asap. Probably will need a whole new carb, it might be damaged. So yeah don't try and start it just before checking everything because you may damage components that would have been good. When opening it up, put it back together with all new gaskets even if the internals were fine. Oh and definitely don't try to "hobo start" it () without the air filter in place and lubed because you may just bring dust in your engine. Wish you the best of the best! Get a manual, it's like a helmet for the garage hours.
  8. Samuel Theriault

    What is this piece that fell from my googles?

    Alright, sorry to be stupid. Can't spell basic words as well!
  9. Ok so I don't really know what forum to put this in but this piece fell from my googles when taking them off. I'd like to know where it goes and what it does. The googles are Fox: Air Space. Thanks in advance, sorry if I am at the wrong place for this question!
  10. Samuel Theriault

    Do I need to rejet my bike?

    I can see the gaskets are new so it makes sense that the guy wasn't lying. Same thing happened today. Bike was super hard to start if I let it cool down after operation. When I take it out for the first time of the day though it start relatively good. Sucker just needs some sleep huh? It really looks like it's not getting enough air. Starts better without the choke and I need to open the throttle a bit when its just about to start. When taking off it sometimes slowly drowns too and this is not due to bad clutch work. Once rolling everything's fine. What do you all think. Pilot air screw and be done with it that's my guess/wish. Thanks for the input by the way!
  11. Samuel Theriault

    Do I need to rejet my bike?

    The plug isn't fouled... yet. It still works fine it just was a hassle to start and ran like shite right after starting, after warming up everything was back to normal. As for how many hours on the top end, If the previous owner tells truth and it was new then it probably has less than 15 hours on it. But if he was not telling the truth then I guess I have no idea... God I feel dumb sometimes. I will get a compression check and see the readings.
  12. Samuel Theriault

    Do I need to rejet my bike?

    Yes I was riding relatively slow but not low rev all the time. I'd say it was moderate because I did open it up quiet a bit in straights. My throttle cable issue will be fixed, I just need a longer cable because I think the previous owner cut it for some reason? The rubber booth is taped together at the tip. I always ride woods. After finally starting, it was idling at very low rpm, almost not sustaining itself and I forgot to say that it did stall on me when doing an e brake turn right after and the clutch was fully pulled in I am sure of it. I did not touch the air screw because as I said it was running great and didn't seem to need anything in particular.
  13. Samuel Theriault

    Do I need to rejet my bike?

    I've been riding in the woods yesterday and my yz125 runs great. But then I shut it off and leaned it on a tree to take a little break. Then, when I tried kickstaring it, it wouldn't fire back up. Sometimes it turned over by itself for a turn or two but didn't keep going. It took me about 15 minutes of hard kicking with and without the choke to start it up. Usually when it's warm it starts in one small kick and cold its about 3-4 with the choke. When I came home I pulled the sparkplug out and the spark plug tip was brown as it should be but the ring was wet, dark and dripping. Should I rejet my bike, knowing that it was raining sprinkles and the air was humid, and if so what do you recommend me changing? Is this just a case of putting around too much with it since I was in the woods? Also, when I turn the bars completely right, it pulls on the throttle cable and gives gas. Could it be that the bike was parked with the bars to the right and it flooded it with gas? Thanks in advance! I can post pictures if needed just ask me.
  14. Samuel Theriault

    125 2 stroke or 250 2 stroke

    I am 15 and 120 lbs as well. Started this year (technically last year but was only about an hour before snow ruined my fun.) on a 2004 yz125. My first ever dirt bike and never had any experience with anything mechanized, only had the knowledge and we all know experience is what's important. Bike gave me a smile for a whole month after riding it. Now only problem is my broke school boy ass trying to maintain it. Once I get a routine going and complete my tool box it'll be ok though. I'd sleep with the bike, it is my soul and passion. Get a 125 and HAVE FUN!
  15. Samuel Theriault

    Help identifying Yz125's year

    So for confirmation would you say this is gold enough? Sorry for the weird angle its the only picture I had laying around. Oh by the way, these stupid graphics are getting a one way ticket to the trash soon. Just didn't get the time yet.