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  1. And on the eighth day... God created the new knobby store; and it was good! Cheers Barry!
  2. I have been using the Nitro Mousse 110/100-18 in the 110/100-18 Maxiis Desert IT with great results! BTW the Golden Tyre Fatty front with the Nitro Mousse is incredible!
  3. SoCalMule

    07 KTM 450 exc Rebuild Recommendations

    Thank you! I've been considering going to the 525 too. Still on the fence about it. Glad to hear that the stock crank bearings last.
  4. SoCalMule

    07 KTM 450 exc Rebuild Recommendations

    Thank you Cobra46! Good information. Mark
  5. SoCalMule

    07 KTM 450 exc Rebuild Recommendations

    Great information SnowMule (love the handle), I'm printing this thread to put in my file! Thank you, Mark
  6. Hey guys, I am making a list of recommended updates and things to replace/check on my 07 KTM RFS 450 exc and would appreciate anyones ideas. My bike has 355 hours on the original internals. I going to complete a full engine overhaul. Here is some of the things I am planning to do: Freshen the top end, piston, rings, machine the cylinder, work with the head; install stainless steel exhaust valves, replace the chain, the guide, I have heard some people recommend installing aftermarket guides... not too sure why on this. What aftermarket guides are recommended? I'm going to replace the crank bearings and both connecting-rod end bearings. Are there better types of "crank bearings" then OEM? I remember someone saying use roller (ball) bearings vs needle bearings? I'm fuzzy on this. I'm going to replace the counter shaft bearings since they have over 9k miles on them, and there seems to be a little play. I figure since this is major surgery, that I should get an idea as to everyones experience so I don't miss anything. Thanks! Mark
  7. SoCalMule

    Arm Pump Solutions

    Loosen up your grip on the bars and relax... and turn with your knees. Bikes like to move around on their own, they don't respond well to being muscled. Remember when you were a kid riding you bike with no hands? same thing, the bike steers with body/leg placement. Working out your forearms teaches them to pump up.
  8. SoCalMule

    2006 450 EXC to 525. Help me decide

    Thumper Racing 540 kit is $545.00 Send them the motor to do the work and they add $300.00.
  9. SoCalMule

    Desert tire recommendations?

    On my KTM 450 exc I use the Maxxis Desert IT 120/100-18 in the rear and the Golden Tyre 216 90/100-21 Fatty in front. Both hook up great in most terrain. Great combination.
  10. Man, putting it into perspective on TT! Thank you for posting. Compassion, empathy, and overall care for human life (for all people of our world) have no borders (or shouldn't!) imho. Peace, Mark
  11. SoCalMule

    What is my problem?

    One more thing...(I know, what now?) High protein diets actually can have the same affect as a higher carb diet. Not sure why this is? It's just one more thing to check out.
  12. SoCalMule

    What is my problem?

    I had the same issue for years until I was turned on to water fasting. This is not for everyone and I am sure there will be potential of blow back for what I am about to tell you. First research this on your own! I broke through my 205 lbs (which I was stuck at for years) pretty easily with water fasting. If you can stick to it, you can lose a pound a day till you get to the weight point (BMI) that you are looking for. It is essential that brake the fast very slowly, only fresh vegetable/fruit juice no store bought juice. If you have an organic food store they can help you with this. Purchasing a juicer pays for itself fast. Stopping the fast you don't want to "binge eat" (i.e. pizza, burritos, hamburgers and fries etc) or your body will let you know that you screwed up royally for doing it. Research a ketogenic diet this is what you will want to eat after your fast. This will be a lifestyle change, a big commitment. The US food pyramid is upside down! Research this too. Our bodies do not do well on high carbohydrate diets; many adverse health affects are noted due to high carb diets. Good oils like MCT, Olive, Coconut gives the brain and muscles the necessary amino acids for proper balanced cell growth. Check out MCT oil and it's affects. I have maintained 185 for many months and it has helped with my dirt riding stamina like crazy. Plus, shaving pounds from my body has much more affect than shaving ounces from my bike. There are studies at Stanford Medical Center for the positive affects of water fasting five days before introducing Chemo Therapy to cancer patients, and with amazing results! Please look this up. When we water fast the bodies natural immune system boosts. Water fasting naturally clears out toxins held within the organs like the liver and kidneys that can be there from processed foods and life style. Plus the body likes to have a break from digestion. It's like a reset. Eating a bit of meat Chicken and fish is good and a little red meat from time to time is good. Eat green veggies and try to stay off of starches like rice and potatoes, and corn products; these turn right into sugar within the body. If you can keep your carbs down around 25 a day you will have much leaner muscle mass and plain feel better. Cancer loves sugar (research this), Sugar is highly acidic within the body and cancer loves acid, thus all the new alkaline waters currently being touted. As I said earlier water fasting is not for everyone. Work demands, family dinners, etc can be a challenge. Why? because for the first few days you will be hungry! Usually after three days I loose the hunger pangs. As the body begins to burn Ketones instead of carbohydrates for fuel; you may get a bit punky until your body adjusts. You may get a bit headachy during a water fast too. Do your research on this, and you will know the process of the body burning ketones vs carbs and sugar. So you see going to work feeling that way may be an issue. You will need to start increasing your water intake now even if you don't water fast. I drink about a half gallon a day every day. Yes I pee a lot oh well. Water helps the body function properly and it is essential to properly metabolize fats (trust me). You will want to stop all exercise during a water fast; it's the bodies turn to just chill. You can go back to weight lifting once you brake the fast, just ease into it. And again, after stopping a water fast, start with a ketogenic diet. It's healthier for your body than burning sugars and starches. Ever since the "breads and cereals dominant" food pyramid was introduced years ago, the incidents of diabeties went up exponentially. Check this out too. America grows wheat! It grows Corn! It's all about the economy, that is why these grains and cereals are subsidized by the government so much. Again, please do your own research on all that I am saying here before jumping in. There is so much peer reviewed science as to how dropping the carbs has positive affects on the human body. Early humans didn't eat three squares a day, and thy sure didn't have the availability of refined sugar, corn syrup, and bleached grains that are so abundant in the american diet today. I hope this info helps. I know that reply is "long winded" but hey, the affects of this information I'm sharing with you has changed my life, and for the better. I feel so much better as a result. Husky159 Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or a even a shoulder to lean on during your journey. Peace, Mark
  13. Being that it has a left hand rear brake and a Rekluse the buyer will have a learning curve to get by. Having said that, you may want to determine the "steam coming out of the header pipe" issue before you go much further into selling it to someone; or at least let any prospective buyer know about the issue. I would think $2800.00 would be fair as is. Parting it out would take time on your part; another fact to consider. The unknown hours on the bike may deter some buyers. I get it that the two stroke is fun!
  14. SoCalMule

    2006 450 EXC to 525. Help me decide

    I ride a 2007 KTM 450 EXC. As far as bullet proof, I can only say that mine has over 350 hours on the original motor only with valve adjustments. Mine still has the original valves! She starts after two to three kicks cold. Considering you're 230 lbs., you would probably enjoy the power of the 525 vs the 450, but bigger does not mean better. There are a lot of folks that ride enduro on 125's and 200's that kick many big bore butts! Maybe because they are not tired half way into the race? I would not let your RFS 450 go either! It's a great bike and as you said you know it. The longevity and weight savings of the 450 alone is a plus over the 525. I'm not saying the the 525 weighs much more than the 450, it's just the way that the centrifugal mass of the 525 engine and how a big grower engine like the 525 can act, can be a hindrance, since you may be spending a lot of effort "wowing it up" instead of fluidly riding through the terrain. This is my take on the subject. Either way you go, I support your decision
  15. Ricky who!? Ronny had him by a Queuing Girl's Baby!