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    Wr250r fuel pressure regulator

    Cyrix, I am going to try your fix with the M6 bolt. Are you able to describe how much you deformed the top to get to the proper pressure? Richard
  2. Richard Helm

    Wr250r fuel pressure regulator

    I will have to check the fuel pressure after I replaced the regulator. I read something about adjusting the vacuum pressure to get the proper fuel pressure? I have no idea how to do that.
  3. Richard Helm

    Wr250r fuel pressure regulator

    I had a problem with my 2012 wr250r. It quit on me way out in the desert and would not start. It acted like it just ran out of gas. However, I could hear the fuel pump running. But after researching on the internet I decided to replace the pump as everyone had said, even if the pump is running it's likely a fuel pump problem. I didn't want to buy the $400 Yamaha fuel pump assembly, so I replaced only the electronic fuel pump. But, it still wouldn't start. So, I purchased a fuel pressure gauge and found out that I had no fuel pressure. It was the same problem as the fuel pump, Yamaha will not sell the fuel pressure regulator separately, but this time I could not find an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator. I searched all of the forums and as much as I could on the internet and found no information about that fuel pressure regulator. So, I just searched for fuel pressure regulators on Google in the images section and found one that looked like it. It was for a 2011 Kia Sportage. I ordered it from Rock Auto and it fit perfectly. The bike runs better than it has in a while. I'm just posting this information here so that if someone else has the same problem they know that it might not be the fuel pump. That fuel pressure regulator may have failed. It has a rubber impregnated diaphragm in it. The one in my fuel pressure regulator had ripped and it was allowing fuel to pass through basically eliminating all of the fuel pressure. It was a $30 part on RockAuto. I hope this information helps someone.