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    Bogging issue !!! Need help

    If the air screw doesn’t help Should I try one step leaner on the main to help with the spooge and spark plug color ?
  2. Dcg12345

    Bogging issue !!! Need help

    @William1 recommendations call for main #140 pilot #48 stock needle 3rd clip position 1.5 turns out .. correct me if I’m wrong but wouldnt that make my bike run richer when it is already running on the rich side ? From my understanding pipes make your bike run more lean. Forgot to mention I also have a bit of oil running out of the end of the silencer as well
  3. I have an 06 kx 100 recently had the top and bottom end rebuilt. After the beak in I decided to put an FMF exhaust on Shorty silencer and fatty expansion chamber. First ride seems a little sluggish in the mid range and did not do so before I put the pipe on so I raised the needle clip position up one notch from position 4 to 3 to lean out the mixture it seem to help a little bit now the problem I’m having is that when the bike is started and warmed up it bogs when I open the throttle quickly at idle then it will rev high immediately after then go back to idle. The main jet is stock at #138 pilot jet is stock at #45 fuel screw is set at 1 3/8 turns out from fully seated . I’m running 32:1 pump gas 93 octane I’m at 200 ft above sea level. Weather conditions are about about 32 to 40 degrees fahrenheit. Spark plug is a dry looking black coating but does not look like it’s dripping wet with oil. Any recommendations to how I could fix this bog issue would be greatly appreciated thanks