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  1. California

    Please ad me to the list, Thanks Greg
  2. California

    That was a fun ride, I'd be interested in riding there again Sunday, couple pics of the horse trail...
  3. Nice Video ! I had a great time riding with you guys, it was pretty much a perfect day. Really enjoyed the riding out there, Victor you put together a great loop. Thanks again.
  4. Great, Good directions Thnx !!!
  5. Hey RedRattler, I'm interested, I'd like to tag along again that sounds like a fun loop.
  6. California

    You guys “Rock” and I mean that literally! Thanks for looking after me, I’ve never taken that many soil samples or I should say Rock samples in one day, ever. The first loop wasn’t too bad and I don’t mind saying the second loop, 5 miles of fun?, kicked my butt! Thank you Victor, Ryan and Gerardo for helping me out on that last loop. I have a new appreciation for riding in the rocks!
  7. California

    OK, Thanks (for the heads up also...)
  8. California

    OK I'm up for that since I have my bike already loaded up. I've never been there before, is this where you stage Quarry and Bouquet, right on the road side? Here; https://goo.gl/maps/gpYr6heoEdv Thanks
  9. California

    Just for Clarification, there's the New prison and the old abandon prison off 395 which is kinda cool, I'm not sure which prison The Kran was talking about. We could do a loop around both which would probably be closer to 60 miles.
  10. California

    I'm still interested, the prison isn't hard to find, just south of 20 mule team parkway on the way in to Borax Bills if you come in from hwy 14 it's off to your right. Zoom out on the google link and you'll see it. I could get us out there and back easy enough. https://goo.gl/maps/g6AwueP249k
  11. Hello, I'd Like to come out and ride with you guys, been riding CC for years mostly on the 395 side at camp B. Thanks, Greg Cal City on Saturday Saturday 12.30 Victor / Krannie / Ed / Rich <<<<<< Saturday with Ed and Victor at Cal City/Borax Bills KSU 9:30 (with all's approval)....more riders are welcome A nice open terrain with hills ride, counter clockwise loop to the Prison and back, about 65 miles NO GAS STOPS