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  1. Thanks! Yes I can get the whole reed valve just hope the holes align
  2. Thank!!
  3. Yes I know. But will the pedals from the 2004 fit on the 1996?
  4. I have a Yamaha 125 1996 model. My reed valves does not work as it should anymore and I want to replace it but I can't find it in my country. I found 2nd hand 2004 reed valves online but don't know if it will fit on my bike. Does anybody know if it will fit?
  5. Thanks
  6. The spark plug didn't give any issues before the rebuild. It's brand new. But yes that is my first step to check the power valve.
  7. Hi guys. I just finished my Yamaha Yz 125 1996 engine rebuilt. Starts perfect alot of compression and idles well. Gears is also very smooth but as soon as I drive and the revs pick up just before the power band kick in it looses power in every gear. I also installed a carb kit but did not tune anything on it yet. Please advise
  8. yz125 1996

    Thats to bad. But thanks for the help
  9. yz125 1996

    The piston's head is completely loose. Is that normal?
  10. yz125 1996

    Thanks for replying. No play on the fly wheel but this is how I found my piston.
  11. I bought a Yamaha Yz125 1996. Didn't start so I turned the Reed valves around and it worked 100%. It was standing for a very long time. Last weekend when I went out with it, it started loosing power and after a while it just stopped starting again. Can this be the reedvales that is old? Btw the idle skrew also came out almost completely when I drove it so maybe that can be a issue. Also when I opened the Reed valves I found very thin metal shavings. What can cause this?