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    Priming the oil pump?

    My friends... All is now good. I removed the pump and primed it thorughly by hand. I then pumped compressed air through the cam cover vent hose into the frame. I turned the bike over on the starter motor with the plug in. Within 15 seconds there was great oil pressure at the head. In my experiene, the key is metaculously priming the pump off the bike and following the good advice here to blow through the vent hose, not the filler hole. And maybe having a 10 Bar compressor at my workshop
  2. MotoTed

    Priming the oil pump?

    Well yeah. Plug out is better. But In a shop environment, saving time is key... And 9/10 I'ts not required. I usually disable the ignition (kill switch in this case), put the battery on a boost pack and turn the motor. But you're absolutely right. It's the better to pull the plug. And in this case, It looks like I'll be going down that route. I'm working alone 95% of the time. So a lot of the 'tricks' I can't do. I'll chase out that skittle and nail it to the wall.. heheh Thanks for the wise words
  3. MotoTed

    Priming the oil pump?

    Yes !! Of course. But I have the tappet covers loose so I can keep the cam wet. I've never had it so bad that ive needed so much pressure to get it primed until today. So I always used the filler with a rag around a airgun for time saving. I'll give it a go through the hose though. Far less messy. I dont think removing the plug is necessary. At 'starter motor' engine speed the decompressor is always activated. It certainly can't harm though.
  4. MotoTed

    Priming the oil pump?

    I do a lot of these engines... I'm probably on my 20th rebuild of these motors. XR650L and NX650. Priming these pumps can be a right pain in the arse. It almost seems like witchcraft... I ALWAYS check for oil pressure at the head. DO NOT check for oil at the bottom of the feedpipe over the oil filter as a short cut. You can get oil pumping here but NOT at the head. Often the pump will pump low pressure only which leads people into a false sense of security. You check at the head ! That's it.... Nowhere else !! I prime the pump at fitting. But this still doesn't guaratee oil pressure. I don't use Vaseline because I don't want it in my oil. It's not even made of Petroleum anymore. (Try.. It's not even flammable).. I've also tried the trick of pressuring the frame at the fill hole with an airline with success a few times. This a messy job and always ends to my shop being covered in oil. Not an easy job to do alone at all and it's hard to get volunteers too Sometimes you get lucky and it just primes up straight away. Sometimes you have to keep going. I always fill up my rocker cover with oil through the valve insepction caps before I go through the routine. Sometimes (Like the 650L I'm doing now after a gearbox gear change), just won't prime up. Its a new pump too. I think I didn't prime it enough. I assumed the air pressure trick would work as it had in past so many times so I didn't bother meticulously priming it.. It didn't work though. So now I'v had to take off the cover and prime it again manually with an oil can whilst turning the gear. And got to wait for a new gasket !!! DAMMMM !! It never pays to be lazy.... Not with motors anyway. last note. When removing the clutch cover, it's easy for the small aluminium dowl to fall out which connects the oil pump with the clutch cover. Be careful with this. Ted