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  1. Revbungie

    2008 TTR-100 - Throttle and Carb

    Thanks looks like screw 20 and 32 (that has a cap on it which is prob why i didnt see it!) will remove that trottle slide thing. Thanks!
  2. Revbungie

    2008 TTR-100 - Throttle and Carb

    Hey guys - I went to pull off the Carb, and it has this odd throttle connection at the top that I, for the life of me, cannot figure out to disconnect. Sitting on top where the throttle slide goes, there is this rectangular box that has a pivot point inside of it on which the throttle cable connects down into it, with no apparent way to disconnect it. I have removed the rectangular cover, and cannot figure out how to actually either remove the rectangular box itself from the carb, or at least disconnect the cable so I can pull entire carb off to clean and service it. Any recommendations? Brian