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  1. UT230f

    2007 crf 230 f, Power up mod

    Ok thanks, is the 03-05 the one with the clip and different positions? if so what position should I put the clip in at my elevation?
  2. I just bought a 2007 crf 230 f and want to do the power up mod on the carb. I'm in Utah and the main elevation for where I will ride will be 6000 ft. - 8000 ft. with some riding at 4500. from what I was able to dig up on the forum I was going to do a 115 main and 45 pilot, Also what needle do I buy? I also will do the muffler mod and take the snorkel out. Any suggestions for my situation would be appreciated. Im totally new to this. First time dirt bike owner/middle age crisis:)