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  1. FWIW- I can change a front sprocket in approx 5- 10min (with practice) 14 teeth = open , faster riding 13t = slower, woods/enduro rides 48 rear - these combo's work well for my 5 speed MX bike. If these 2stroke bikes are so bad in anything but mx/sx then why the heck are so many used for trail riding!! Mabey we're doing it wrong eh ?😛
  2. RedmistNZ

    What the heck causes this?

    Seen worse! At the height of my carb madness (mikuni), I was fouling whole swingarms LOL, and riders behind me ☣️ Some good advice posted already; I will add, check exaust manifold sealing at cylinder. on my '06 250 - AIRSTYKER fixed the splooge and new seals fixed the excessive smoke. You might need to re-clean pipe and repack muffler.
  3. RedmistNZ

    Calluses hurting when riding

    SUPERGLUE on the palms. Dries in 1min, remove it mechanically after event (I use a wire brush) , plus this method toughens up hands that spend all day in gloves . Palm Savers help too and are cheap to buy . Good luck
  4. This!!!-- I'd buy a well maintained older bike over a doggy late model machine any day, unless ya gona pour $$$ into it. Old 2 strokes are easy to work on, go well for their age and parts (esp YZ's) are easy to get as stated in other posts 80% rider - 20% bike : A riding buddy can get his 99 yz250 up snotty hills that others' on late model enduro bikes struggle on. lol Thats what ya clutch is for m8, a FWW might help a bit. Jeremy Mcgrath completed The Erzberg Rodeo on a CR250 , Travis P - same event on a RM250 !!
  5. RedmistNZ

    Hot weather offroad helmets

    2nd that on the white helmet - black or red / dark colors will attract the heat.
  6. RedmistNZ

    PWK Jetting cr250 06

    Thanks Jeddclampette and RTV for posting useful guidelines The 38mm PWK is installed on the CR (no TPS ) , using a KX cable and motion pro throttle assembly. 45 pilot - NC3W needle, 3rd clip - #175 main (all I could get, have ordered a #178 as recommended) , AS 1.5 turns Holy S..... what a difference! Starts 1/2 kick (never done that b4) Less splooge, and will lug to almost stalling point Plug Chop Test when larger main installed, Hopefully the OP gets the same results as I did -- TT rocks
  7. RedmistNZ

    Water And Dirt In Carb - ‘06 CR250

    After cleaning and sealing airbox as suggested, I would clean carb TWICE and also check reed valve assembly and clean the heck out of that too. Small particles of dirt may be present.
  8. RedmistNZ

    Filter cleaner that removes grease? (Not gas)

    Quick rinse in kerosene for grease/oil, warm (not hot) dishwash for odour + Belray filter oil . 1 bike - 3 filters
  9. RedmistNZ

    PWK Jetting cr250 06

    Interesting post GB1073, how much difference and where ?? some aftermarket carbs have no TPS. I thought I'd be ok with it unplugged. Will hook it up if there is any chance of losing performance.
  10. RedmistNZ

    PWK Jetting cr250 06

    Yea , no worries with performance - bike is a beast. Pulls hard off the bottom, good mid range and top end rips. Splooge and plugs that got me beat. I ride woods/offroad and get plug fouling in the real slow stuff. Did 3 rides - all good, then one muddy ride (lots of 1st and 2nd gear stuff) and fouled 2plugs (BR8EG). Seems to load up quick when not "on the pipe". I like this bike man , hope the airstryker help with this issue.
  11. RedmistNZ

    PWK Jetting cr250 06

    Ben , good luck with the swap. Keen to know how it goes for you. The mikuni TMX (even with JD kit) seems to need constant adjustment, I have been fixing/tuning bikes and classic cars for years , so no stranger to jetting but this carb has got me beat. I own a '06 cr250 with cylinder and head mods and have purchased a Keihin airstriker off a 2003 kx250 for my bike. The TPS will be disconnected and the powerjet circuit will be blocked. Using kx throttle ass. and cable (honda cable too short) RTV and others have a lot of good info , so will be trying his suzuki needle recommendations for trail/woods riding. Seems a lot of people sort out their gen3 CR's with the airstriker swap .
  12. The AAAhole who filmed me on a GoPro, helping a small kid who smashed/wasted his knee on some rocks then seeing UTube clip with "Grow some balls" graphics added. I know who this POS is, I'm looking forward to see him on the ground under my front wheel.
  13. RedmistNZ

    1996 CR250 ( light build )

    Nice stable man That front tyre should be date stamped. If original, it might not last long Early 2017 I bought a "99.9% New, Dunlop medium compound rear tyre" that was hanging up in a shed after being removed from a new bike . Tyre was perfect to look at, however it lasted 2hrs on a snotty ride before the knobs started to get ripped off + a flatty!!! Riding buddy suggested looking for a date stamp (news to me), tyre was made 2002 and was useless. Only new shop bought tyres for me now. Enjoy your new weapon
  14. RedmistNZ

    1996 CR250 ( light build )

    small modifications like what you have done can add up to the end result. That edge could have been cleaned up at the factory, good spotting!! I am still using the stock reed cage with Boyesen power reeds on my '06 250 and have been looking at the Rad Valve or V-force conversion. Still undecided on which way to go. Any suggestions +/- on either one? Have made major bottom end gains with cylinder/head mods , will be installing FWW soon , bike is trail ridden only, Vet rider. Thanks for the info
  15. RedmistNZ

    1996 CR250 ( light build )

    wrong post sorry. pics meant for cr5 forum. But I gotta ask how come the v force block needs work?