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  1. RedmistNZ

    How to know the age of my bike

    For a quick reference most rims front and rear have a date code which can be either the year , or month and year eg: 09 for year or 1109 (nov 2009) which would be on 2010 model. look for those types of numbers. I just bought a DR200 for riding with some newbies so I don't kill my cr250. We were usure of the year, and previous owner didn't know (early 2000's) so looked at the front rim and found "01" stamped into to it, so therefore the bike is a 2002 model. My riding buddies '99 yz250 has 98 stamped on front wheel. Not too sure about markings on aftermarket wheels, yours look stock . Hope this is helpful.
  2. RedmistNZ

    2008 450R - Will "Newer" Plastic Fit...???

    Thats a fine looking '08 Bit of a mod needed but happy with results.
  3. RedmistNZ

    2006 KX250 Milky Fluid in Stator Cover

    Seals can dry out over time (12yr old bike), even if crank is good. As posted above looks like an external leak mud/water, I wipe heavy grease around grommet and where clutch cable enters cases .
  4. RedmistNZ

    Are Project Bikes Even Worth It?

    Excellent article, a "must read" for anyone taking on a project. Best bike advice given to me in the 80's when I was 14, was - get an old bike , fix er' up - MAKE MISTAKES and when ya get something newer/better you'll know what to do! There always seems to be more wrong with a bike than first thought from my experience and will add that I have never made $$ from selling a used dirtbike. This - I can't sell a bike that ain't "right" ........... 2nd that!!! 2t's seem to hold their price far better than 4t's in this part of the world. Over here, the used DB market is flooded with 5-15yr old 4t's (many are orange too) - people are finding out the cost of rebuilding them compared to the equivalent 2t - chassis parts aside.
  5. Nice bike, lovin that LED headlight + those BLACK rims.....wow ! The KDX is one of the best/reliable Enduro bikes ever made, they are underated IMO Like you, I could keep up with much later model bikes on my H6, even if the front suspension was a bit soft.😬 Ridden not hidden, good to see m8
  6. RedmistNZ

    yz250x review (off-road dirt bike)

    Over here in NZ we pay more for bikes (yz250x new is 12k) so expect to lose approx 2-2.5k as soon as it leaves the shop , so US $7.5k mabey you would expect to pay approx 6k used. My point is, new ain't new for long, so spend your $ wisely + KTM parts are a lot more than jap parts so be aware of that fact too. YZ's are great machines and I ride a Honda!!!! If my trusty CR ever expires big time, a late model yz250x will be the next bike in my garage I reckon.
  7. RedmistNZ

    yz250x review (off-road dirt bike)

    Noah: IMO I would find a well maintained low hour 2016/2017 YZ250x - someone else has worn the depreciation of a new bike, normally 3k when you roll it out the showroom floor. Your NEW bike will be 2nd hand after 10 hours on it !!! The money you save buying 2nd hand will buy a heap of parts/spares ready to fit when you need them. eg: a FWW, Sprockets, chain, fluids, filters, piston & ring, gaskets, tyres ,linkage bearings.....etc. Pipe Guard and Bash Plate are a must in rocky terrain as mentioned above.
  8. This is my next T-shirt, off to the screen-printer asap 😛
  9. RedmistNZ

    Post pics of your CR's

    Cool bike - def ain't no garage queen! ridden not hidden Vent hose is cheap too!! Best get it sorted to keep the crap out as posted above.
  10. Old thread but................ we love our 2Ts to much to stop just yet!!! I am 50yrs young - '06 CR250 owned for 10yrs, riding since14, riding buddies on yz250(44yrs) and CR500AF(45yrs) . Can't find another sport that gives the satisfaction I get from Dirt Bikes. There are people who say ya too old for that kind of thing - falls on deaf ears lol
  11. RedmistNZ

    2012 YZ250 woods conversion

    This!!! - Wow , what a machine , good effort m8
  12. RedmistNZ

    Carb for 2004 CR250R

    I'm at the other end of the planet to you man (New Zealand), but our 91 gas is same as your 87 . so, the BP98 I run is same as your 93/95 premium,although 98 fuel is not blended with ethanol. Try to aviod that blended stuff if you can. I used to run gas/avgas 50% when I could get it, makes a pretty good brew, after mods no need !! The eng mods allow you to run a broader range of fuels and are simple to do. They do change the power delivery compared to stock. Honda says 110 race fuel for my year but that stuff ain't cheap . There is a ton of info on TT about Cyl/Head mods, squish band, port timing for our bikes and are a common upgrade. I have unplugged the TPS - Bike runs fine. I have read on TT that some riders can notice the difference but is negligible. With the TPS connected the CPI runs a 3D map and a 2D map when unplugged. There is a bit of info about that here too , just got to find it.......LOL. I spent many, many hours doing research here before I did eng mods and carb swap, really happy with the results. With the 38mm carb swap I installed a new throttle assembly and cable to match the kx keihin, but the YZ or RM keihins can use the honda cable . I wanted to have the ability put the bike back to stock form without stuffing around. This throttle ass also has more travel from open to closed compared to the honda one and therefore is less abrupt when ya twist it in the snotty stuff---better control. There is a post with pics of 4 carbs that are airstrykers - kx, yz, rm and ktm that will fit your bike. These are known as the short body. A long body carb (early cr's) will fit , but not well - lots of info TT on that also. Not sure how to post link sorry man , it's here in TT somewhere. .
  13. RedmistNZ

    Carb for 2004 CR250R

    Interesting - I havn't seen the motul 700 line, will look into it. This is good info to consider. OP didn't go in to what fuel, jetting, plug ....etc he is running . Mabey a bit more info ???
  14. RedmistNZ

    Carb for 2004 CR250R

    Just done the Keihin swap on my '06 CR250. (modified cylinder and head for pump gas with both carbs for comparison) Bike was running very well with the mikuni tmx (JD kit- 32.5 pilot , red needle 3rd clip, 400 main) but always had splooge out the pipe , even though the plug read good. Would sometimes foul plugs in the real slow stuff , but overall was good. Running motul 800 50:1- 98 octane pump gas, NGK br8 plug and 13t front, 48t rear sprocket. (14t front for more open riding) Fitted a keihin airstryker from a 2003 KX250. (45 pilot-Yamaha N3CW needle, 3rd clip-178 main) TPS is not connected. WOW....... what a difference !!!!! My bike runs so good now down low - no splooge, can lug up hills without the clutch. Midrange is very usable and topend rips. The bike is a lot more fun for woods/trail riding I will say in a drag race the mikuni setup would take the win, but like you, I was looking for rideability not all out performance. Mikuni for the track -- Keihin for the woods. Mabey a different slide in the TMX might have stopped the splooge but I am going to stick with this setup as the bike runs so well now. Check out #RTV's or #Jeddclampette's posts on this subject , these guys know their stuff and are helpful too. good luck , hope this is helpful.
  15. FWIW- I can change a front sprocket in approx 5- 10min (with practice) 14 teeth = open , faster riding 13t = slower, woods/enduro rides 48 rear - these combo's work well for my 5 speed MX bike. If these 2stroke bikes are so bad in anything but mx/sx then why the heck are so many used for trail riding!! Mabey we're doing it wrong eh ?😛