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  1. doubledingo134

    Out of retirement

    Your right I'm just bummed out I was the top of my class around the home town tracks and didn't perform to my fullest today you know it's like a pride killer you know
  2. doubledingo134

    Out of retirement

    Yeah I still got my turns pretty well figured out I gotta work on my seat bounce and jump technique again I'm also tryin to tune my suspension to so it makes it kinds difficult
  3. doubledingo134

    Out of retirement

    I had a blast just disappointed in my self because I know I'm better then what I was today
  4. doubledingo134

    Out of retirement

    Alright guys went to the track today and rode for probably the first time in 4 years when I was 18 i raced a 250 B class and gave it well today I rode like shit maybe I'm washed up or a has been or maybe it will come back any body have any suggestions maybe just start over with a normal practice schedule and it should all come back right ?
  5. doubledingo134

    HELP bottom end bog

    Thanks man I gotta wait on my new fuel screw since I bent the needle from setting it to hard
  6. doubledingo134

    HELP bottom end bog

    Cool man thanks I pulled my aftermarket air screw and the needle is bent and looks like somebody took sand paper and filed one side down put the factory one back in and I'm still lean im gonna get another screw and change the pilot
  7. doubledingo134

    HELP bottom end bog

    Thanks I'll have to check it out I was thinkin about putting the factory screw in and tryin to retune it with that and see what happens
  8. doubledingo134

    HELP bottom end bog

    Ok guys im new here and all that stuff but I just picked up an 07 kx250f had a bottom end bog but ran decent and idled good I had to replace the air/fuel screw now it won't idle and i can't get it tuned for shit maybe it's the new air screw? Any help is greatly appreciated