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  1. CCMoore74

    KLX250SF Tapping/Knocking Sound

    Thanks for the responses. I still haven't checked valve clearances, but I've been messing around with the Krieger manual cam chain tensioner, and I've got the tapping to a minimal now. I'm just gonna go out and ride it, like 'highmarker' was suggesting... Thanks again everyone!
  2. Alright here it goes. I'm brand new to the forum and well pretty much to motorcycling as well. Bought a used 2009 KLX250SF with about 10,000miles a couple of months ago. Runs great, but recently I noticed a "knocking" sound towards the top of the engine. I did a bit of research and came to the conclusion that it was probably my cam chain tensioner. So naturally I bought a manual cam chain tensioner from Kreiger, installed it exactly how he instructed. Unfortunately the "knocking" is still there. What might this be? Valve timing off? Cylinder hitting the valve?... Since I'm a newb, I figure I'm going to have to take it into a shop and trust some random mechanic with my bike. Well, that's pretty much it, if anybody knows what this sound is, id greatly appreciate the advice. I attached a vid of the sound from my onedrive account. Thanks in advance... https://1drv.ms/v/s!AgdJemlHkXn2l_dLQp49CnrMqe14-Q Additional info: - Ive changed the oil and filter - have not checked valve clearance (not really sure how) - I have not taken it into the shop for its 10,000 mile check up yet. - Maybe I'm just an idiot, but I'm assuming its not supposed to make that sound, ive heard that these bikes are "noisey", but that sound just doesn't seem right. Lastley, whatever the problem is, could I ride it to my local shop? I don't have a truck to transport it anywhere :|