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  1. So I guess I will keep my front stock SM rotor on for now, and see how it goes If my speedo does not work, I was also considering a basic GPS mount! Nice bike and nice photo. I'm looking forward to my first ride on one of our remote beaches in Cape Town soon too.
  2. Great stuff, thanks for the insight. I am only wanting to do light trail and adventure riding for now. My DRZ is my road bike, so I don't want to abuse her too much. I have been told by a few people to change the front rotor on the offroad setup to an SM rear rotor, as the sm stock front is way too big for a front offroad rim, and can get damaged on rocks and such? Also, with an SM, have you found that the shocks need any adjusting for dual purpose use?? In SA, no parts are cheap for us sadly. Dealers rip us off and charge buttloads for things that most other places in the world charge next to nothing for. Your offroad wheels look mint! Mine need some cleaning!
  3. Thanks for the super answer!! This really helps! The dude I bought the E wheels from was doing the whole SM / E interchange thing too, and he has the same year model SM as me ('08). He said that his speedo still worked when he changed from SM to E. It was one of the questions I asked. He did say that no spacers were needed either, and they bolt right on 100%. The only thing I needed to do according to him, was buy a rear SM rotor to fit to the front E wheel, as the front SM rotor is too big, and can get damaged offroad. But I have seen that the front stock rotor is actually bolted to the forks and not to the wheel, and interchanging this each time would suck.... ??? Waiting till payday to have these babies fitted. They were originally silver, but have been sprayed blue! Going to look sick with some spoke wraps on!
  4. Hey guys, So I picked up a set of DRZ400E rims. I have been looking for ages for a set of these! I have an '08 SM model. So luckily these will bolt right on with all the standard DRZ spacers that my SM already has. However, I hear this might require me to interchange my rotor in the front, to a rear SM rotor (front one is way too big for off road according to a few DRZ forums I am part of). The 400SM models front rotor is bolted on though which might make that tricky every time! Is anyone riding an SM, who also interchanges to E rims when needed? And what is your setup currently to make the interchange as fast and painless as possible? Including sprocket / chain sizes. I want to be able to change between E and SM standard rims without wanting to Sparta kick my bike over each time! PS: On the more social / networking side of things... Subscribe to my new-ish Youtube Channel, JenSM, to watch Cape Town Supermoto adventures (new video is there!). I will also be working on a few other videos that include my Yamaha TDR180 Scrambler rebuild. Any other Supermoto Street Legal crews / Supermoto riders / DRZ riders to subscribe to on Youtube, lurking around? Link me to your channels so that I can check your videos out!
  5. Yeah the exhaust looks like an intestine. Don't worry, everything is being resprayed to something less weird
  6. Yeah! I could tell that it was a cheap something else that was used to place over the stator. You can see the extra bolts due to whatever they used not fitting, and then some bolts were not even lined up to the engine where needed! Terrible! But the TDR is definitely not my style bike, as I am not a big fan of fairings. I like my naked street bikes, motards, and mx bikes! I will be turning this turd into an aggressive oldschool-looking scrambler. Watch this space
  7. AFTER SEARCHING MY BUTT OFF for a whole week, and asking around on just about every platform - I had someone contact me last night who had 2 actual TDR180 covers lying around at home. He is also working on a TDR180 but with the full original fairing kit, and is struggling to find a gear box. SO it seems I am not the only one who struggled to find parts for this bike in SA. Thank you everyone for all your help and valuable advice I definitely learned a thing or two if I face any future issues with finding casings! Collected the stator cover last night! I have ordered an exhaust gasket and gasket kit and collecting it after work today. Going to respray the engine black, the frame black, and the tank will be sprayed an army green colour with some nice white decal. Will look like a new bike, but still oldschool ! Super excited! I will totally post pictures of the finished project once the engine is sorted, and I have pimped it out with some other basic parts. Just wanted to show you guys what my dilemma was, and a photo or 2 of the bike in its current form. I could not believe a few things the previous owner did to the bike, but all easily fixable it seems. Will be getting a new 2T pipe to replace the FIRE EXTINGUISHER that was used. Damn. Anyway! Thanks again, TT people!
  8. Thanks for this post, it was very insightful and much appreciated. I will definitely consider buying these items and keeping them handy when I do ride, or if I face any problems
  9. Correct! Thanks for the post! I have seen this on ebay, but the problem is that the price with shipping is over 1200 ZAR and takes yonks to get here (If it even does). I will have to take this expensive route if I don't find anything locally in SA though. RT's are also not common here. Someone suggested a Yamaha Blaster stator cover???
  10. Lol. Thanks for giving me some hope! So if I cannot find anything, then I will go makeshift!
  11. I really like the frame. It looks super gangster without fairings, is super comfy to sit on, and is in great condition (no rust etc). The only thing holding me back is the stator cover! Everything else is interchangeable and pretty much identical to the DT's engine. It would be such a shame to part it out just because of this.
  12. Hey guys, I am really needing some good advice here from anybody who has ever owned or rebuilt classic Yamaha 2 strokes (1989 - 1994). I live in South Africa, and bought a little farm thumper while on holiday this past weekend. It was advertised as a DT175 which is a bike that is easy to get parts for down here. It has been cosmetically customized and looks pretty darn cool... and lets face it, all the old classic Yamaha 2T engines look the same at a glance! So I genuinely thought it was a naked DT. The bike had no papers, and was used purely for the farmer to putt around on his farm. The only things needing attention was the stator cover which had snapped in half - this was visibly noticeable, and a little leak from a badly resealed gasket (both generally easy and cheap to fix here). The bike was still running and idling fine, started first kick, and I had a little ride around the farm before loading the bike up onto my pickup and heading off, thinking I could fix this thing up nicely in no time for next to nothing, and have what we call down in SA "a nuwe speelgoed" (A new plaything) for the weekends when I am not riding my beloved and reliable DRZ400SM. SO, I get home and decide to contact our local Yamaha branch, out of interest, to find out the history of the bike before I start fiddling (Don't ask me why I did not do this all before I bought the bike - It was a spur of the moment purchase, and was sold to me for dirt cheap!). I send off the VIN and engine number. Comes back, and this little freakin' turd turns out to be a 1989 TDR180!! WHAT. But now I am stuck as we do not really have TDR's down here - and I have never even seen one myself. Long story short - What alternative could I use as a stator cover? Do any other old Yamaha 2T model stator covers fit the TDR or share similar engine parts? Ordering from Ebay is so expensive thanks to my country being in junk status due to a junk president. So the shipping costs more than the actual item does, and our customs is a joke too. Yamaha has also advised me that this stator cover has been discontinued. I have put up local ads looking for parts, contacted FB 2T groups, and local shops. Nothing for TDR's has come back yet. Any advice or sharing of experience is welcome!