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    All those seeking a good CDI for your pig

    ignitech@ignitech.cz and speak to Jiri. Note you get a significant discount if you order two of the same item. Note there is a chap on this site called brianhare who is an absolute expert on this stuff and you would do well to heed his advise. I have a XL600 LM Paris Dakar and a XR650L and trying to rebuild all electrical components from scratch as they were missing. So far I have been recommended a CDI R unit from ignitech and a Ricky stator for the XR but unsure of the XL CDI and other components? Wish someone would make up a complete loom with all components?
  2. Andrew Baldry

    XRL650L,NX250/650,Transalp CDI REPAIR

    Brian your advise is most valuable. Thanks mate.
  3. Andrew Baldry

    XRL650L,NX250/650,Transalp CDI REPAIR

    Brian. Fascinating stuff and very informative. Let me know if you have any repaired CDI units for sale. I am in Zambia and it is tough to find any spare parts here for the XR650. You can email me on kafueroyal@gmail.com if that suits you. This is my first post and your thread was exactly what I needed to hear. Cheers Andrew.