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    Hey everyone. Just a quick question. Is someone able to check on their 690's for me weather the crankshaft locating hole is FULLY open/see through when they line up their camshaft w/ TDC? Slight issue potentially. Mine is all timed perfectly, verified with a straw down to spark plug hole, however when I line up the notch on the camshaft with the notch on the camshaft support plate, the crank hole is only 3/4 open/see through. When it becomes fully see through and opens fully is when the notch on the camshaft is slightly to the left right of the notch on the camshaft support plate. As seen in the photos. Its about 0.5mm away from the marking on the camshaft support plate. I should also say the cam chain is brand new and has no give in it at all, so the cam sprocket doesn't turn at all by hand even with the cam chain tensioner loose. Other than that bike runs fine, no shavings in the oil, etc.