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    This is not the right bike... Reccomendations?

    See my previous post in this thread, as I am built like you. 5'9" with short legs long torso lol.
  2. Joel Hunter

    This is not the right bike... Reccomendations?

    To the OP, I know your bike is heavy, and I went your route too, buying a dual sport and thinking, damn this thing is heavy. But here is the thing, learning on the your CRF250L will make you a better rider in the long run. I am speaking from experience, I have a XT250 and a KDX 220r which is a really good trail bike, but because I stuck with the XT250 and learned how to ride with that bike, I actually feel more confident on it because the power does feel scary, and if you learn how to use the weight of the bike it can actually be an advantage. I watch many YouTuber's who ride dirt bike and have ridden dirt and dual sports, and the really experienced guys show, it's the rider more so than the bike. So just start off with easier trails and build up your confidence and you will become more capable on your CRF250L. If you drop your bike too many times and you are dead tired, take a break and then head back home. Also make sure you have lots of water. A lighter bike may help, but if you can master your current bike, moving up to a better bike in the future will be a cake walk.
  3. Joel Hunter

    2019 Honda CRF450L Dual Sport has been announced!

    OH I really really hope yamaha and/or kawasaki don't let honda be the only one with a 450 dual sport!!!