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  1. I'm getting my set replaced with some from Racetech but Acerbis is another good option. I've seen both on mates bikes and they didn't seem to have complaints. Just have a google around for local stores and buy whichever you like more.
  2. Yeah i had a look and can add a new front disk and adapter for cheap either when i do it or later down the road. They look like a good fit but sadly i'm no longer up Brisbane way and now living in Adelaide again, So going local would be more cost effective. Thanks for information tho
  3. Honestly i think the Showa stuff is pretty good especially when setup for the right weight. I would just order a new spring for your weight and tell them to do it as its your bike and you are the customer. If they don't want to do it then take your business elsewhere. I've hit mine very hard over 20000km without issue yet.
  4. These are two well known and decent mechanic shops. It doesn't seem expensive so I've asked around a bit more. But tbh I would prefer someone doing it I trust rather than myself.
  5. I'm not a fan and push them too much honestly. I've had Pirelli sports demons and several others. I've had a drz400sm with Rosso 3s and Michelin pilots and would much rather the bigger surface. And I just prefer motards
  6. Hooligan implies someone that can't ride very well haha.
  7. I did have a wrecker offer a full kit from a wrecked DRZ400SM with the genuine excel rims but i wasn't impressed with the quality for $1500. I had 14-39 originally on the old motard then 15-41 before it was hit. Kinda leaning towards getting them built at this point.
  8. Sadly my DRZ400SM is no more and i'm buying a new DRZ400E soon. The DRZ400E has the FCR39 and is still made in Australia yay us. Anyway i ride 99% road so supermoto tyres are the go to for me and the SM model is a lot more pricey to get. Options 1 $650 for wheels, $229 for front brake disk and adapter, Keep the 220m disk at the back and brake. or buy a 240mm disk for the back and a RM250 caliper. Option 2 $500-550 in rims and spokes, $300-400 in labor to get them laced onto the stock hubs. Either way both seems like a pain but option 2 seems easier in the end. Would the bigger disks really make a huge difference?. I plan on upgrading pads and brake lines either way so which option would you guys go?. Pros and cons of each and have i missed anything i need? Cheers
  9. Doesn't mean you can't do it that easily. I used a yoshi rs3 off an E model on an sm without trouble. Just have to be a little creative with the pain in the butt ones.
  10. Glad you got it sorted out. The more you know about your carb the easier it is to diagnose problems and work on.
  11. Check the throttle and it's cables aren't done up too tight. Seen it happen far too often with mechanics.
  12. Update Finally got the EMN needle on the weekend and installed it tonight on clip 3. Took it out tonight while it was 13c and the bike was much improved across the throttle range. Felt like it had more power and the annoying issues of it feeling choppy in third gear at 60 is gone. A lot less pop on decel too which is nice. Going to having a chat with all 3 shops tomorrow that have worked on the bike and not fixed the issue.
  13. I've being looking at one for a while but I really don't want to play with the carb and risk messing it up. Cheers for the help.
  14. I'll pick one up tomorrow on my day off. See how it goes.
  15. Yeah I'm not sure on that and I don't know if it makes a difference but I'm in kilometers here. Would you say you agree with others advice?