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  1. Makes a huge difference. I’ve always rode 250’s So it may just be me not knowing how to handle the extra power but I can barely keep the front wheel down. It just was pretty mellow without it.
  2. Do you mean where the maping system is? Because it should be right in front of the gas tank on the frame. Just a little black clip.
  3. Thanks for the responses everyone and keep them coming if anyone has more suggestions! Hopefully I will be able to take it to the track soon and I’ll post about that!
  4. Its set up for hare scramble racing. I’d have to tweak it.
  5. Hi, I own a 2017 YZ250FX and recently have been interested in getting into motocross racing. I really don’t want to buy a new bike but I’ve heard that it’s hard to be competitive in motocross with an FX. So is there anything I can do to make the FX a competitive motocross racer. I already have a big bore 270 kit, titianium FMF exhaust slip on, and an aftermarket suspension set up.