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  1. Chelsea Lim

    Speed wobble

    To those of you recommending street tires, that is not feasible. This bike is mainly for off road riding. The only time it spends on the highway is getting to trails. sometimes that commute is about an hour though, so I would like to make it handle as good as possible on the street. I understand that the knobbies are not ideal for street riding.
  2. Chelsea Lim

    Speed wobble

    This is her all muddy and beautiful!
  3. Chelsea Lim

    Speed wobble

    Hi guys! Thanks for all the great suggestions.. It sounds like this could be tons of things and I’ll have to go through step by step to rule them out. We did some experimenting yesterday and found that with my 220lb boyfriend on the bike, there was no speed wobble.. so this makes me think that it’s more likely a suspension/geometry thing? Even with the suspension set at its softest settings, I can only get about 70mm race sag on the bike so I’m thinking a small lowering link might help that? I do tend to move back on the bike when I’m at speed (coz the seat is a bit wider there!) and I’m all the way forward when riding slowly coz that’s the only way for me to touch the ground..
  4. Chelsea Lim

    Speed wobble

    Hi, I have a DRZ400SM that I use for both on and off road use. Off road it is fantastic, and on road, it is great up till about 100km/hr, then it develops a speed wobble. I bought the bike used and the previous owner had moved the triple clamps up just a little bit (which I did not change) and it does not have a lowering link in the back. I am quite small (5'1", 140lbs) so I have the back suspension dialled to its softest setting. My question is, do you think the speed wobble is because of what has been done with the triple clamps? Can i fix this by 1) moving the triple clamps back to their original position (which might make the bike too tall- but it seems like a very small change) or 2) adding a lowering link on the back (I was thinking the Kouba 2, but if someone has a better suggestion, I'm game!) Thanks! Chelsea
  5. Chelsea Lim

    Don't Ride Naked

    i like number #1
  6. I just got a seat concepts low seat for my DRZ400SM.. It is amazing! I'm short (5'1") and lighter than most riders (about 130lbs) so they recommended a slightly less dense foam for me. They used my specs to tailor the foam density just for me.. I haven't put many miles on the seat yet coz we are still covered in snow up here, but just sitting on the bike, there is a noticeable difference from the stock seat. I'm taking the bike to Utah next week so I can update after that trip! PS. they also have a regular height seat if you aren't short!
  7. Chelsea Lim

    New 400SM! Seat concepts seat

    So I know its been ages since I started this thread, but I figured i'd post an update.. Here is my new DRZ all kitted out! We are heading down to Utah next week to try her out! Thanks to everyone for all their fantastic suggestions!
  8. Chelsea Lim

    New 400SM! Seat concepts seat

    @LeeHoudini Those Shinko 700's are good looking tires! I might end up switching to S tires eventually.. If I do, I think i'll get the Soupy's adjustable lowering links so that I can lower it just enough to touch.. I'd rather not lower the bike too much!
  9. Chelsea Lim

    New 400SM! Seat concepts seat

    Thanks for all the recommendations! i'll definitely look into them.. I'm in Canada so parts are harder to get up here.. i'll have to see what is available =) Or maybe take a trip to the states to pick up some parts.. (we are only about an hour north of the border) The bike does have shorty levers on them but I can't remember what brand (its in the shop getting safetied..) but I'll have a look and see what hand guards they fit with.. I think i'm gonna go with the low seat concepts seat- I want to keep the stock seat unmolested so if my bf wants to ride the bike, its an easy swap (tho changing the sag in the back was a bit of a pain!)
  10. Chelsea Lim

    New 400SM! Seat concepts seat

    Hi guys, Thanks so much for all the replies! @Jules-Epsomits great to hear from someone who has used the low seat. I'm sold! @jjktmriderI'll look at the Shinko 700's as well. To all those that recommended protection- that is definitely on the list for me- For hand guards, i was thinking bark busters but they are really expensive. is there a cheaper brand that works as well? I'll probably buy the TT case savers. And i'm not sure about a bash plate yet.. any recommendations? Does anyone run crash guards on their DRZ? @PadilenThats funny, I have a TW200 as well! This bike will be replacing the TW tho. I do love the look of the fat knobby tires =) But if I find the tires aren't cutting it off road, my next plan was to get a set of S tires and some lowering links.. We will see! Can't wait to start playing on this thing! I'll keep you guys updated with pics!
  11. Chelsea Lim

    New 400SM! Seat concepts seat

    Hi guys! Just stopping in to introduce myself and ask a couple questions. I recently bought a 2006 DRZ400SM. This bike will be used primarily for off road (and for the long rides to get to the trails!). I chose the SM over the S because I'm a pretty small girl (5'1" and about 130lbs) and the S was just waaaaayyy too tall. I have a 29" inseam and can *just* touch the ground with the very tips of my boots on the SM. I've softened the suspension on the back end and have about 70mm of sag when I sit on the bike. I'm looking for a low seat and was thinking of getting the Seat Concepts Low seat.. I've seen lots of praise for the seat concepts seat in general, but I was wondering if anyone has tried the low version? I'm hoping not to have to put lowering links on the bike, and I think the extra inch the seat will give me will get enough of my toes on the ground to make me feel comfortable. (I can't flat foot ANY bike so i'm used to being up on my toes..) I'm also looking for recommendations for dirt tires to fit the 17" rims. I'd like the rims to be good in dirt, and acceptable on the road. The ones i'm considering are: - Kenda 270 - Mefo Explorer -Shinko 244 Any thoughts on either of these? Or any other suggestions? Thanks for any help! I've been searching lots on this forum for a couple weeks now and there seems to be a great group of people here! I'm excited to be here and can't wait to take the new bike out for a spin! (We have about 4ft of snow on the ground right now so it'll be a while..) Here are a couple pics of the new bike!
  12. Chelsea Lim

    DRZ 400SM vs DRZ 400E

    Which tires are these? I'm looking for a good set of knobbies to out on an SM!