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  1. I see... well I mean you can powdercoat it too, no problem. Just trying to help
  2. lmaooooooooo I ride out on the trails once a month, so far it lasted 6-7 rides for 2 hours non stop. Plus my cousin dropped it twice. Still, veryyyyyy clean. Doesn't chip btw It's straight up car paint that matches a YZ Color.
  3. it really does bro... rode it a numerous amount of times, still looking clean. I'd rather spend $20 for it, then spending $200 for it.
  4. if you want a can of YZ Blue, hit me up!
  5. so you quit riding in 05, but build and sell now? What's the reason for quitting?
  6. so your bike is a blue, black, gold, rainbow, and carbon fiber theme? I've never seen that before
  7. that's one sick blue, show me pics when it's assembled.
  8. I'm a noob when it comes to stuff like this, I just randomly do stuff till it runs... It happened to me 10 times, but then when I tried again, I left the choke on for 10 seconds, and then it stayed on... Try it, I don't really know man, sorry.
  9. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  10. thanks
  11. I've read an article on TT about this already, but that was posted in 2006. I want to know that if I buy a 2001 WR426, can I make it street legal? If so, what do I need to buy, what forms do I need to fill out, what is required?
  12. I see
  13. what was the name of the shop? I will be going to the Ventura DMV from now on
  14. But on average, how much do the builds cost you?
  15. how much do you spend on normal bikes (With FLU Designs graphics)? This must've costed more because of the powdercoat on other stuff.