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  1. Goon Rides

    Cheap Weekend Warrior Bike -

    im not sure if it was a typo or if it was intended hahaha
  2. Goon Rides

    What 2 stroke should I get?

    Thanks so much! I just wanted to know if they were good bikes. I'm still learning and I'll probably be doing woods riding and racing with my friends. One of them has a Yz250 2 stroke cause hes crazy, but my friend is getting a CRF250 and I wanted to get a 2 stroke to keep up. I love YZ125's, and that's cuz Im a Yamaha guy...
  3. Goon Rides

    Help upgrading from CRF230

    I'm a Yamaha guy, so YZ125. But either way the YZ is faster
  4. Goon Rides

    15 y/o, Yz 125?

    what are you waiting for? Did you get it yet? Im 15 too, but a little taller. But height isn't too big of a problem, just buy it.
  5. Goon Rides

    What did you do to your YZ 2 stroke today?

    for a quick second, it looked like Boyesen... might be, idk.
  6. Goon Rides

    Finished for now. I think.

    Why didn't you punch out to a 300cc? Trust me when I tell you this, there's no replacement for displacement 🤣
  7. Goon Rides

    Hurricane Graphics

    I like this idea better (if you can't find any): Front/Rear Fenders will be yellow Side Panels and Fork Guards will be white (or black, this part doesn't matter too much) The tank and shrouds will be black, with the yellow graphics. Easy! or you can buy the Polisport kit, but it doesn't look the same
  8. Goon Rides

    2002 YZ 125 Sprocket

    Is anyone able to just flick the throttle and pop the front tire? I REALLY want to do that... maybe 11/48? Some guys on instagram are suggesting that for power wheelies.
  9. Goon Rides

    Wr 500 thoughts...

    why not get it running AND make it look good? I am all about cosmetics haha
  10. Goon Rides

    Finished for now. I think.

    Looks killer!
  11. Start it, pull lever, put in gear. If it doesn't die it's fine, if it does die adjust the cable a bit. happened to me a few days ago with a new purchase... you're right haha. It kept dying, so I had to tighten the cable and then it worked.
  12. Goon Rides

    YZ Restoration by P841

    you REALLY should... first imagine how many friends you have on TT, imagine how many people would love to see you build bikes, and imagine how much ad revenue you'd get! Go for it
  13. Goon Rides

    Is this a good deal or no

    $800, if that
  14. Goon Rides

    Clutch Help

    Got the cover... the JB weld was on there because the screw thing that keeps the shaft from pulling out was lost by PO, so he JB Welded a 8mm screw to it. Luckily, I had the old cover. BUT, even the cover wasn't the problem. I was ready to give the bike to the mechanic, until I saw that the front of the Pull rod was chipped. So I ordered a new one as well as another gasket... hopefully this thing works now!
  15. Goon Rides

    2002 YZ 125 Sprocket

    Just get yourself a 5hunny goon. It'll wheelie when you don't want it to. that's the thing... I want to do it to a YZ125... I can hop on my dad's WR/YZ250 and wheelie it... I want to do it to a YZ125 lol