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  1. Im looking to put a 4 stroke 250 or bigger motor into an 80/85 frame. A few hours of searching hasnt revealed much information on anyone doing this. I know its been done, but havent found any specifics. I have heard a crf 250 will fit in a cr80 frame, but getting my hands on each of those bikes as donors would break the bank. Ive been looking at buying a running yz250f to donate the motor as they're pretty common and cheap in my area, but having little previous experience with yamaha, i have no idea what frame i could get that into. Im open to slapping just about any motor i can get my hands on into any 80/85 frame be it kx, cr, yz, etc. just looking for a little insight before i dive in. Don't ask why I want to do this, its just what I do