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  1. FaceDeAce, thanks for the in-depth description I always new the choke richens and I thought the hot start leaned it, but I did not understand fully how they worked in these carbs I’m more used to seeing a butterfly type choke not a plunger system. We don’t race jus ride light mx and some woods at private tracks or land so a hot start is not beneficial for me in that respect. Think I’ll focus on getting the bike jetted properly and the carb tuned and see how it does. Also I will try your method for hot starting after a stall or abrut shutdown thanks very much
  2. Jus got a 06 KX250F for a real good price. Seller was advertising it as an 08 but it appeared to be an 06 from what I can tell can’t read the vin because the frame has been painted and the vin is filled in covered up. sale was legit got a bill of sale and all. Any way I’m not very familiar with these bikes so I didn’t realize that the hotstart had been removed. Bike started easy and ran great when I test drove it. The owner gave me a FMF jet kit with it and was honest and said it had some carb issues but usually started and ran fine once warm. It also has a FMF power core 4 slip on muffler/silencer I adjusted the fuel air screw and the bike started first or second kick when cold with the choke on I was happy with it until yesterday when it got up to almost 80 degrees my son and I went for a ride and the bike was very hard to start when hot one time I stalled it the other time I had to stop to help my son out so I shut it off and leaned it against a tree after I got him going again my bike wouldn’t start I ended up roll/bump starting it and it fired right up after I got home I started looking at the carb and found that the hot start plunger had been removed and the hole appears to be JB Welded up has anyone ever dealt with this ? I’m gonna pull the carb and check the jetting and make the appropriate changes if need be my question is do I need the hot start? Can my carb be saved or do I jus need to source a used or new carb and put the hot start cable and lever back on the bike? heres a pic if the side side of the carb
  3. It’s funny you said that because I’ve been thinking that all along. Jus can’t help tinkering with our bikes and trying to get them better very cold here today (20 F.) my son and I spent some time in the shop this morning putting some parts on the bike.(handgaurd covers,rear brake pads and new clutch and brake levers) stuff it needed when I bought it but didn’t have time to do before Christmas to get done anyway after all that he was begging me to ride it so I agreed and he was ripping up the back yard doing wheelies with the powerband lol. Like I said he’s never once complained about the power or speed he’s only been on it for a week, about 5hrs riding time so maybe I’m jumping the gun on fixing a problem that he doesn’t have thanks to all for the replies
  4. bespyder87, thanks for the input the reeds and spacer are cheap and easy enough to try. Will play with the timing and see before dumping a ton of money in a bike that he probably won’t be on that long any way. we don’t race and he hasn’t complained about the power hit he actually comes back all smiles every time he rides it talking about how fast it is.
  5. Hahaha you sound like me I keep trying to beat it into him lol, to keep the front wheel up and stand up before and through the jumps, he’s got a long way to go. Ive heard of the washer mod wasn’t sure about negative effects of restricting the exhaust?
  6. Got my son on a KX65 he jus got it for Christmas he’s been riding a crf70 and trying to kill it lol. I knew he was ready to learn a clutch but the two stroke power hit is messing him up a little. coming off a sluggish forgiving 4 stroke he’s not used to the power range and aggressiveness of the 2 stroke. i know he’s got a lot to learn. Not jus using the clutch for stopping and starting which he does great with but how to slip the clutch to modulate the power to the wheel. Until he gets better I want to try to smooth out the power band transition and maybe give the bike a little low end grunt, he’s riding it pretty good but I can tell the power hit is messing him up he rides like he’s avoiding it at times, then when he hits it he runs real conservative for a few laps. Sometimes he’ll run it on the pipe like he should but then it gets a little to fast for him ive read about the moose torque spacer and bumping up a tooth or or two on the rear sprocket, helping with the low end power, and my neighbor said he had a v force 3 reed valve in his sons kx65 a few years ago, he said the v force really smoothed out the power band hit. The bike has a PC pipe with stock silencer my question is can you or should you use the torque spacer with the v force? The v force valve looks like the base of it is thicker than the stock reed valve base so maybe it would do what I want in that give some low end power back and tame the power band transition. The other option would be boysen reeds With the torque spacer. I havnt heard much good about the boysen reeds. Has any body used these combos or know of a better option? Couple pics of him getting a little air first time out
  7. I’m fighting the same issue on a KX65 I jus bought for my son, previous owner said it 3 hrs on new top end with vertex piston. the bike was hard to start when I looked at it before buying it and I dont like that but he said it’s always been that way said it’s the most cold natured bike he owned??? my neighbor had a KX65 for his son too and he said his was never hard to start now matter how cold it was but mine is a real pain and the choke does nothing to help. I’m gonna try a new plug jus for kicks the carb also starts flooding/overflowing fuel in the ground when trying to start it when cold maybe float level is off?,but when it’s warmed up it starts first kick. one thing I have noticed is if I twist the throttle jus slightly a lot of times it will fire up and start revving higher than idle first kick but this is a very finicky spot to find on the throttle any more than jus a slight twist and it doesn’t help plus the exhaust tone changes when kicking (you know the sound it makes when you hold the throttle open) not not sure if it’s a jetting issue or fuel air screw adjustment that it needs? Was gonna play with the needle clip posistion and check the float setting and jetting to see if it’s stock we’ll see if it helps bike runs great and starts great warm but a real pain to start cold
  8. DEMI, thanks I’m figuring by now with not many reply’s that this must be a custom job. And yeah I’m glad I bought it because there’s a ton of 65’s out there but not many chromed out definitely not something I would do to any bike but cool none the less, my son is 8 and still believes in Ole St Nick. I was joking with my neighbor (who we ride with) when I brought it home the other day, I told him I’ll tell my boy it’s a North Pole edition lol
  9. Got a few pics today there not the best but you can see the chrome I’m talking about, the swing arm didn’t really stand out but it’s chrome too
  10. I’ll try get some pics this weekend. I got it stored at my neighbors place until Christmas.
  11. New to the site. I just bought an 03 KX65 for my son for Christmas got it off a guy on Craigslist in his ad he said it was very well maintained and clean. Which it was I noticed in the pic he posted the frame of the bike was shining like a new penny in the sun light, and when I went to buy the bike I found that the whole frame was chrome and not just the frame but the swingarm, foot pegs and brake lever were chrome. It also has red triple trees. I was wondering if anyone had ever seen this before? I find it hard to believe some one would spend the time or money to tear this bike down and chrome all that stuff but it’s possible. I was thinking maybe it’s some sort of special or custom edition? The previous owner said he had no idea why it was chromed out like that. He said he bought it like that