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  1. 450/250freak

    Random pics.

    waiting for warm seasons to roll back around
  2. 450/250freak

    Deciding on an 85cc

    ive seen some short guys on 125s before. touching pegs comfortable, holding the bikes weight and starting it. If you can do those then run it.
  3. 450/250freak

    What screws/bolts do you loctite?

    Swing arm bolt is a must. I have lived through the unneeded problems that come along with neglecting it. Also the kickstart bolt could use some loctite, I have had them come loose before.
  4. 450/250freak

    Should I buy my friend's RM85? Help.

    If you do not know much about the internals and how to do it yourself, I would leave it be. If you know you can do it all yourself then you have a chance, but no big profits will arise from such a small bike. Like mlatour said above; look at bikes for sale on the internet near you, and decide how well priced it really is. Based on your question you seem confident its not a real deal. make sure your committed either way you go. Maybe convince him you can fix it if the price gets raised and you split profits when sold.
  5. 450/250freak

    Help please lol.

    Like they said it should be fine. But if you haven't ran it since, id recommend kicking it over really slow a bunch of times to get oil back in the nooks of the motor. The oil is pooled at the bottom of the case, and if you start it immediately you'll have tons of rotations on a slightly light lubed motor. Just an extra over the top percussion, best of luck!