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  1. Took her to Budds Creek for the hangover harescramble.
  2. BigA92

    Wires on inside of tire

    I’ve always run my rear tire between 10-12psi I’ve never had a problem before. Oh well I’ve already ordered a new tire. I was just seeing if anyone else has experienced the same thing before
  3. I do the same thang except not in the truck it’s diesel. But I will put it in the lawn mower or the gator
  4. BigA92

    Wires on inside of tire

    Well the piece that put a hole in the tube was definitely a small piece of wire. I didn’t try and take a pick or something to try to pull the others up and see
  5. BigA92

    Wires on inside of tire

    here is the “wires”. Maybe it is just nylon and I just ran over something. The strands are really rough though I’ve never seen that before.
  6. BigA92

    Wires on inside of tire

    No I haven’t tried pulling them out. I will get some pictures tomorrow
  7. BigA92

    Cleaning a Bike

    I use super clean as well I normally hit the bike with the power washer and then use super clean with a brush to get in the tight areas spray it off and wash with car soap and a mit. I have also used car wax on the plastic before I’m going to ride in the mud and it definitely helps with getting the mud off when I’m done plus I find less sticks to it. I’ll use Wd-40 on the pipe and sometime hit it with some metal polish to keep it shining
  8. BigA92

    Wires on inside of tire

    I plan on ordering another one. The bead of the tire is fine though it’s in the center of the tire where the wires are really showing through
  9. I installed a new Dunlop mx52 on my bike a while ago it has 2 harescrambles and about 5 hours of play riding on it. I checked the bike over last night before I went riding today and the rear tire was flat. I figured maybe since it’s been a while since I rode I just pumped it up when I when out this morning it was flat so I figured I had run over something and punched a hole in the tube. So I went ahead and pulled the old tube out and when I looked in the tire I could see the steel wires that are inside of the tire and I had one that was sticking out enough to mess up my tube. Again the tire isn’t very old and I have never seen this before has anyone else had this happen before? If so were you able to get the tire replaced?
  10. BigA92

    CRF450r too much for my first bike?

    I don’t ride any Mx I only ride single track and race harescrambles im on a yz250 and love it. I bought a 17crf 450 getting back into riding after some years off. I had gained a few pounds so I though the bigger bike would help. I currently weigh 255-260 and I was always stalling the bike and not having a lot of fun even hearing it down. I got rid of it and got a yz250 I wanted an x model but there was none anywhere near me. I have added a fww and got the suspension done for my weight I feel less tired when done riding it and have a lot more fun
  11. BigA92

    DRZ 250

  12. BigA92

    DRZ 250

    I posted in the DRZ section a while ago but haven’t got any reply’s. I have a 2001 DRZ 250 that hasn’t run in a long time it is leaking oil around the shift shaft and from what I remember it is an internal seal? I’m assuming the cases may have to be split in order to replace this and while I was in there I looking to put a 300 kit in in it. Does anyone have any experience doing so and if so is the kit available and where could I get it? If not is there a stock engine rebuild kit? Any info would be greatly appricated thanks in advance
  13. BigA92

    Post-maintenance OCD

    I do it quite often weather it’s working on a bike or working on farm Equiptment or anything. I even second guess my self when I set up my chicken houses for a new flock even though I have done it a thousand times. I think it’s just in human nature to think you have forgotten something. I trust my own work but I always like to go back and double check just Incase even if it means a few extra minutes. The one time you don’t double check is the time something is going to happen. At least that’s pretty much the norm in my case
  14. BigA92

    Taller foot pegs?

    Thanks for the tips I guess like I said I have a bad habit but I’m going to try to focus more on proper position and see what happens
  15. BigA92

    Taller foot pegs?

    Maybe your right I guess I’ve just gotten into a bad habit. The brake seems fine when I stand up and ride it’s just when I have to sit in some tight sections is where the problem is I guess what I’m saying is when I’m sitting I keep the arch of my foot on the pedal instead of the ball