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  1. Never thought about elbow pads[emoji848] I assume elbows like frozen ground about as much a knees do lol
  2. I’ve been riding since I was 5 and now I’m 26. I took a few years off(getting married having kids college) you know the deal this past year I got back into riding. Growing up and all through high school I just wore helmet,riding gear,boots, and a chest protector no knee guards. I got a new bike last fall and started riding with all the stuff I used to wear but still no knee guards. This winter I went down hard on my left knee on frozen ground. Needless to say it hurt like hell and was the size of a soft ball I don’t know what I did inside but it still hurts some lol. That day when I got home I looked up all different types of knee braces/guards. I found a set of Leatt dual axis knee/shin guards. I also bought the socks that go under them. I put them on and they fit in my boots perfect and they are comfortable the first time I rode it took a little to get used to I guess because I’ve never worn any. But after a few miles I don’t even notice them I almost feel like I can grip the bike better I havent gone down with them yet but I’m sure they will perform well they were around $90.00.
  3. greased the steering and swing arm bearings put a new gnarly And shorty silencer skid plate on
  4. There’s three things I’m passionate about farming, hunting and riding. It seems no matter if I’m hunting or working(farming) when my mind isn’t busy on my task all I can think about is when is the next time I can ride all I wanna do is ride. Is it just me or does anyone else think about riding all the time at work especially when the work day isn’t going smooth?
  5. Yea man gotta farm we have appox 40 miles of woods to ride I already ride the duck out of it it’s nice to see each weekend I ride I feel a lot faster lol
  6. Yea I loved the power of the 450 with out a doubt but it was a pig in the tight woods that yz will carry me faster than I wanna go through the trees lol
  7. Well I got rid of the 450 and got a YZ250 wanted an x model but there wasn’t any near. I love the yz and I brought it home and broke it all in and went riding its amazing how this bike handles compared to the 450. But again like the 450 it was sprung to soft so I called race tech and they hooked my up this thing handles like a dream now
  8. Ok hanks man I’m sorry I feel dumb I don’t know the terminology of the names of these places since I’m from Maryland I’ve never heard of them so excuse my stupidity lol
  9. Thanks where is AOAA?
  10. Hey man does this place have anywhere my brother and I could pitch a tent for a night so we could ride all weekend? Or would we have to get a hotel
  11. Thanks man
  12. I got a 2018yz 250 I just ordered stiffer fork springs and rear shock spring. I’ll have no problem changing the rear spring but have never done fork springs I’m also mechanically inclined as I was a farm Equiptment mechanic for years and a farmer who fixes his own stuff i was just wondering if there is any special procedures I have to do or maybe any special tools I would need to do this. I haven’t looked in my book just yet but I plan on using it when I dissassemle them any advice would be greatly appreciated