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  1. BigA92

    What did you do to your YZ today?

    Raced it today at Sahara Sands
  2. BigA92

    Boots for large calves

    Just got my new boots in. They fit like a glove and the adjustability of the calf and shin plate is nice. I have only wore them around after work trying to break them in the first time I wear them is going to be at a harescramble this weekend
  3. BigA92

    Boots for large calves

    I’ve never thought of trying that. Well I ordered a new pair of Sidi Crossfire 3ta boots mainly because of all the adjustability in the calf and shin plate
  4. BigA92

    Boots for large calves

    Id like to see them buckled lol
  5. BigA92

    Boots for large calves

    I appricate it man I’m going to have to do something different and it sounds like this is the way to go
  6. BigA92

    Boots for large calves

    Thanks I might just have to send these back and try those
  7. BigA92

    Boots for large calves

    I adjusted them out as far as I can and the middle buckle still doesn’t even come close even if I squeeze around the boot to make it smaller I still can’t hook it
  8. BigA92

    Boots for large calves

    I have the buckle extended out as as far as I can get it and it’s still not close lol
  9. Hey guys I just bought a pair of the Fox 180 boots because my brother has them and likes them. The problem is I can only get the bottom bucket of the boot to buckle. The middle one and the top strap done even come close adjusted all the way out. I also wear knee guards and I can’t get the boots to close now let alone with the guards. What are you guys with large calves wearing? Do you wear braces/guards with your boots. My size is a 13 wide. Thank you in advance
  10. BigA92

    Motorcycle lift tables

    I bought this same stand about 5 months ago and I love it other than oil changes. I just normally stand the bike against the wall and change that lol
  11. BigA92

    Rear rim lock

    I was able to resolve the issue in less than 5 min thanks for the help
  12. BigA92

    2018 YZ250 Jetting

    Sorry for the late reply my phone isn’t letting me know when I have notifications. I started with adjusting my float height it was to high. Then I got the bike so so with the jets that came with it. Then I ordered a fmf gnarly pipe and a powercore silencer while I was ordering that I went ahead and got a J.D. jet kit and I went by their guide lines and got the bike pretty darn close. I have been riding most sundays and I keep tweaking here and there until I get it perfect
  13. BigA92

    Rear rim lock

    Thanks doc and it’s another Dunlop mx52 has pretty good luck with the first one so I figured I would try it again. I will try this evening and see if it helps I’m not sure I’m going to check it out this evening
  14. BigA92

    Rear rim lock

    Hey guys I recently changed my rear tire on my 18 yz250. It’s been a long time since I changed a tire as I just got back into riding this year. I didn’t have a chance to put the wheel back on the bike until tonight and the problem is when I spin the wheel it looks like it is bent based on the tire moving side to side but the wheel is true it is the tire. It is right in the area of the bead lock. I was wondering did I tighten it to much? I just snugged it like I used to do when I was younger. Do you guys have any suggestions should I let the air back out break the bead and loosen the rim lock up? And re try seating the bead? Thanks in advance any advise would be greatly appricated