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  1. Will do! I'll get down there between the 5th and 10th. Have some things to sort out with my trailer before I'm ready to haul it across the freakin country haha
  2. LMAO thats awesome! Wouldn't hurt it a bit
  3. Is it this bike?
  4. I'm hoping to see some pro's training, I may even go to A1 if everything line's up right. I go to Red Bud every year but haven't been to a sx in like 12 years
  5. suppose I'll call him too lol
  6. I'll call them tomorrow and see
  7. Thanks a bunch! Awesome information here
  8. Solo trip so I'll have my freedom haha. This sounds perfect to spend a couple weeks.
  9. Sounds good! I appreciate all your help!
  10. Thanks man! Cal city website looked like they were only open on the weekend to ride, so I assumed camping was only on the weekend as well.
  11. Cool thanks! Question, would I need a ORV sticker and a flag to ride here? The trails in Michigan, all I need is the state ORV sticker.
  12. Great thanks! I'll probably have to go to a regular camp ground as a base camp and drive to the tracks daily which isn't a big deal. Would be nice to camp right at a track for a couple weeks but doesn't look too promising.
  13. How cold? lol also what city is it near I'll look it up in case
  14. Greeting from Michigan, I hope this is the appropriate section for this post. I will be headed to Cali in early January and I'm looking for mainly motocross tracks where I can camp at for a number of weeks. I've found a couple good leads such as Pala Raceway and Glenn Helen, but I would really appreciate some local knowledge. Are there good tracks I am missing where I would be allowed to camp? Pala seems a bit pricey but I will go there if nothing else, I am open to any suggestions since there are plenty of tracks and trails in the vicinity. Full hookup for my camper is NOT needed. My trip is pretty open ended as far as a time frame and I'm not limited to just Southern tracks. Planning on doing some trail riding as well. Thanks for any help!