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  1. joeknowgood

    Replacing skid plate for DRZ400

    I bought the Devol for mine and really happy with it. The quality and fit was excellent and I have hit it hard, rocks, and logs. It's 4mm thick which seems adequate.
  2. joeknowgood

    Shift Pedal Upgrade

    I don't think the Revolver is any longer so if OP is trying to gain length for MX boots it may not help much. But +1 on 'costs more than it should' .... that usually encourages me to buy it. lol (its almost as irresistible as 'billet' or 'anodized' ) take my money!
  3. joeknowgood

    Shift Pedal Upgrade

    I bought the MSR 1" extended shift lever for mine to accommodate my size 11 boots. Was cheap and works great.
  4. joeknowgood

    gas tank upgrade drz400s

    Yes works with stock seat....
  5. joeknowgood

    gas tank upgrade drz400s

    Fit and finish goes to Acerbis. also works with stock choke, rads/rad guards and aftermarket seats.
  6. joeknowgood

    Variation of 3X3 mod

    I get your logic, but are you really going to stop and unbolt the seat and put your plugs in , then reverse the process on the other side? Even the stock snorkel only buys you a few more inches. seems better to avoid 'over the seat' water crossings.
  7. joeknowgood

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Went up to 14/47 from 14/44 for my dirt wheels setup. very wheelie friendly too.
  8. joeknowgood

    2000 Suzuki DRZ400S Sprocket

    Ok, while the subject has come up, a question.... I am running 14/47 with stock chain (2013) for dirt but just picked up a second set of wheels that I will set up for dual sport rides in the summer with road+dirt. Would be great to put a 41T on the 'road' set and less aggressive tires. Is anyone running 14/41 or similiar with stock chain length? Ideally I would like to just swap rear tire for instant 'gearing change' when I get off the singletrack and hit the road without taking the time to switch chain or front sprocket. What do you guys think? Picture for attention.
  9. joeknowgood

    What did you BUY for your DRZ today

    Surprised that changed color, the quality seems really good on Yosh parts. I'm still tuning mine (damn rainstorm holding me up) but the pipe is starting to 'blue' out nicely. Love the way this thing sounds!
  10. joeknowgood

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Finally got the RS-2 system on + 3x3 + JD kit. It's gonna be a great summer.
  11. joeknowgood

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Thanks for the info, good to know about the issues you had with the top mount.
  12. joeknowgood

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Hey Q-B, where did you pick up the Scotts and sub mount ? I'm shopping for this setup now. Also, what would you say the handlebar rise is over stock ?
  13. joeknowgood

    What did you BUY for your DRZ today

    Just a few parts for the next round of upgrades. Yosh RS2 full system. Oh yea....
  14. joeknowgood

    Best after market gas tank for the Drz400s?

    Hi Chris thanks for clearing that up. Yea, I can see it now. I guess this is perfect to replace on stock tanks with the same mounting layout. And yea, having a vacuum petcock just seems like another point of potential failure. I have no problem manually shutting off when the ride is done. So far I am really happy with the acerbis tank and upgraded petcock and for $20 bucks its a steal. Got any pics of your bike with the new tank?
  15. joeknowgood

    Best after market gas tank for the Drz400s?

    Hey psycho, Yes, you are correct. the one with the metal handle is what you want. (I bought mine on Rocky Mtn ATV) I used that one because the one that comes with the Acerbis is plastic and felt super cheap. When you mount the metal one, the handle will point forward on the bike (actually good so its not hanging out the side) and the outlet is back toward the carb. The routing is almost perfectly level with the inlet of the carb with only a slight bend. This petcock is a direct bolt in to the acerbis tank with no modification necessary. Use the o-ring that is supplied with the tank. Take this time to replace the fuel hose and clamps as well, and as this is not a vacuum petcock, you will have to plug the vacuum port on the carb (which previously went to your stock petcock) with a cap. As Christopher86 said, this is a manual petcock with ON/OFF/Reserve and you should turn it off when not riding the bike. A lot of guys use the raptor because they want to retain the vacuum function but I chose not to do so because I didn't want to drill holes/modify the acerbis tank. Its not a difficult mod, but I just don't feel a vacuum petcock is necessary. Good luck