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  1. It's sure can haha. Do you mind if I PM you
  2. Yeah I see what you mean. I actually don't know why I posted that then. I knew that. I tore the left side cover off and took the flywheel off again because the timing chain slid off the crank gear for the 3rd time. So maybe when I was taking the cam out and wired up the chain so it wouldn't fall, it slide down off the lower gear and then bound up once I put everything back together and kicked it. I apologize. My mind is like mush from trying to figure out what was going on with this bike. What I did or didn't do. If that actually was what was going on with the thing then I guess that just has to do with my own inexperience/stupidity.
  3. It might sound stupid but it's like the cam is sitting lower in the cam journals now so those marks are closer to being even with the head
  4. If it makes sense...yes, it looked like the marks on the cam were lined up correctly. They were level, but they were actually sitting up a little bit higher compared to tonight when I spun the crank over another 180 degrees and lined the marks up again. I don't know if that makes sense or not. Lol.
  5. I just want to thank all of you who helped me out with this and I greatly appreciate it. I'm sorry if I wasted anybody's time.
  6. Well....it turns out I actually was 180 degrees out of time. Stupidity on my part I guess.
  7. Oh I don't really know I'm just trying to think of simple things that could possibly be causing this lol.
  8. Ok I'll do that when I get home from work. I might go out and buy a new tensioner to just for the hell of it. My buddy might have been wrong, or maybe it went bad in between the time he checked it out and now. I'm sure it's possible. But it's cheap enough so I might as well try it atleast right?
  9. I actually didn't bother to check the valve lash cuz I maybe have 4-5 hrs on it since the last valve adjustment. Never had any trouble starting it or anything since the last adjustment either. I got the bike from my buddy and he had told me the guy he got it from had headwork done to it so I'm wondering if he had stainless valves installed while it was apart. I honestly couldn't tell you how many hours are on any of the internals of this bike. A guy from West Virginia used to own the bike before my buddy. I wish I could get ahold of him somehow to ask him more about it. I looked at the filter though and there isn't anything in it. Oil is clean also.
  10. I'll have to check the valve clearance when I get home. I've had the cam out and the chain hung up and slowly kicked the engine over before. It spun freely without locking up. So that would rule out any binding or anything with the bottom end right?
  11. The rocker has play in it. The exhaust valves should be closed if there's play in the rocker right?
  12. I dropped one of my extensions down there when all the marks were lined up and it seemed to be at tdc
  13. Here's one of the cam lobes when it locked up
  14. Sorry idk why the pictures are sideways haha
  15. Mlatour...it's happened about 3 times now.