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    Riding dirt bikes and road bikes.
  1. ben.deering

    Aussie Riders ?

    Perth, Swan Valley
  2. Great video An looks like fun to ride around in the snow.
  3. ben.deering

    A little advice?

    Test ride the 300 TPI before you consider changing. I like the idea of a simple engine piston change out, but brute HP of the big bore is very intoxicating.
  4. ben.deering

    iPhone only video technique

    Look like some real rugged country there. [emoji1305]
  5. ben.deering

    2018 500 EXC 6 days

    Yes mate all models are available in Aus, that is if you order one very early. I missed out on a 300 tpi 6 day.
  6. ben.deering

    2018 500 EXC 6 days

    I’ve parked up my Beta 480 and back onto a Kato for a while.
  7. ben.deering

    Show me your...BETA !

    When I first picked up my 2016 Beta 480, then some pics of it dirty. Great bike with now issues at all.
  8. ben.deering

    Ben Deering

    2018 ktm 500 exc 6 days
  9. ben.deering

    Ben Deering

    some action on the back wheel of my 2016 Beta 480 rr
  10. ben.deering

    Ben Deering

    2018 ktm 500 exc 6 days