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  1. urmom

    2012 vs 2014 KTM 300 exc

    I believe in 14 they came with 4cs forks. The 12 should have the much better bladder fork
  2. urmom

    linkage bearing question

    I had an 06 crf with the same problem. Installed the pivot works rebuild kit, and it didn't fix it. Never noticed it while riding. Maybe it's just a Honda thing
  3. urmom

    Speedway Grand Prix - 2018 Schedule

    I like me some speedway. Not that lame ice s*** either. The powerslide is crazy and that awsome smell. So what's a good way to watch?
  4. urmom

    Dirt Rider mag?

    Agreed, Dirt Bike mag is quality. Dirt rider went lame when Jimmy Lewis left. I also enjoy motocross action even though I never ride motocross, it's just good quality stuff
  5. urmom

    Gutz seat foam choices

    I have had two seats done from gutz with there soft foam. Very happy with them. I live near they're shop and all my friends use gutz seat foam and covers. Good stuff
  6. urmom

    Bleeding Forks

    Looks like you have the closed carterage fork. If it's harsh you need to check your bladder pressure. Look up Slavens cc fork video.
  7. Looks toasted, I'd change it
  8. urmom

    What gives???

    Yes, all balls is that bad. I've had SKF seals on my bike for over 100 hours, plenty of mud but no leaks
  9. urmom

    Triple crown format

    If they want to make supercross more entertaining, they should get the guys that call the Canadian Motocross races to take over for Emig and Ralph.
  10. urmom

    Mookie Out

    I agree. Pourcel toughed it out with some serious health issues. The dook is in his prime
  11. urmom

    Mookie Out

    Oh give dookie a break. Y'all racist[emoji33][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  12. urmom

    2013 sx 250

    Forks on my 13 work good. With proper maintenance, bladder pressure.
  13. urmom

    2013 sx 250

    14 through 16 come with the infamous 4cs fork. I've never used them but apparently they're junk
  14. urmom

    Dirt Rider Done ?

    Dirt rider has sucked hard since jimmy lewis left. I call it the millennial mag, seems like it tries to be pc and not give bad reviews. Or maybe they take bribes. How else does the Suzuki beat the husky in the new 450 shootout. My 2 cents.
  15. urmom

    Fork question

    Looks like you have the cc forks, aka bladder forks. They have issues with pressure building up in the bladder over time due to blah blah making them get harsh. Easy fix with a few special tools. Look up Slavens cc fork video. I do mine every 20 hours