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  1. Hello. I'm an experienced street bike and track day rider looking for a used dirt-trail bike, about which I know nothing. I want a bike I can chip around town on, not interested in highway riding, I'll trailer it to the trails. As I understand it, it is easier to convert a good dirt bike into one that is street legal, than it is convert a street legal dual purpose into a good dirt bike. Here's what I'm looking for: - nimble - 4-stroke - adjustable suspension - elec start - extensive aftermarket accessories - a frame that could carry some light weight camping gear - max budget $4k What should I be looking at? Tks
  2. Hello, first time buyer of used XR. Looking for pov. Two well looked after bikes in good condition, same price. One is 2001R, unknown mileage, a lot of good mods, e.g. full ceramic exhaust, new wiring, new bearings, claims only 15hrs on engine rebuild, motard rims and dirt rims. It's been ridden hard. Owner's had it a yr. Other 2008L, 3k miles, lightly used, basic mods e.g. Slip on and rejetted, dirt set up only. I'm to speed with differences between the models, and an experienced street/track rider. I'm wondering about the engines. One could have been sitting a lot over its life, the other has been given a good work out. Anything I should specifically check look for on either? Tks