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  1. adriano.ro

    Beta 450rr 2013 start easy on kick but not on estart

    My real problem right now is the spark. Starter spin well. All baring,crank shaft,piston,timing chain,cylinder all new.
  2. First thing to say is that: the bike was all rebuild. So no parts left to be changed. So problem is starting on button. If I crank over with kick starter I have spark all the time but if I use e-start I have only about 5-6 second spark and then stops. With battery in good shape I have spark if the amps drops a bit no spark. All the resistance are good. I have changed even the CDI , the same thing. Sometimes will start very quick on e-start ,sometime will start after 3 4 secs. Start on e-start only when is bike is hot
  3. adriano.ro

    Identify clutch model.

    I think the bushings were not in best form. But I can't find bushings to buy. Or dimensions of them.
  4. adriano.ro

    Identify clutch model.

    I have real issues with my clutch pulley from Arctic Cat 400. Will destroy transmision belt quickly. I knew he had this problem since I bought it. Now I need some parts from clutch pulley but I CAN'T FIND MY TIPE OF CLUTCH PULLEY ON OTHER Arctic Cat atvs. I try every year and model on arcticatparts.com and no one is like my model.
  5. adriano.ro

    Big problem with oil migration Beta 450rr 2012

    Is big question yes,and also a big problem for ktm 450 2008 too. The engines are quite the same in design. Anyway,the ex mechanic said it is impasibile to hapend that. Maby is mechanic's mistake,but we don't want to open engine and the problem persist.
  6. I can't find information about this problem. On my mate bike,oil from engine side will migrate on clutch side! The engine was recently rebuild. We can't trust in mechanic,maby he didn't changed the seals. My question is: is there some solution to drill a hole to crank case to have a continuous oil flow ? On KTM with the same problem the solution is to do a hole in a specific place.
  7. adriano.ro

    Compression ratio exc 250 2t 2011

    I have moded my cylinder head,I have around 1.45mm squish,is a bit large but is ok for now. Yesterday I made a compression test. My rings are at used at 60%. Is that ok? Is I put new piston in will be to big Compression?
  8. adriano.ro

    Power valve interchangeable

    Can I use power valve flap from 250 to 300 on ktm exc 2011?
  9. adriano.ro

    NEDW vs NECJ vs N3CJ

    Yes,I'm understand that. With needle is 1/5 clip leaner? I read that the N3CH is 1 clip leaner then N8RH. For example n3ch2= n8rh1 . And we know the n3xx needles are in 2 category n3cx and n3ex. So N3EH2 = N3CH 2.5 =N8RH 1.5 ­čśü On my case N3EH #4 = N8RH #3.5
  10. adriano.ro

    NEDW vs NECJ vs N3CJ

    But in clip 3 will run ok,no rich symptoms. But not so much power. For example if I'm in 5 gear at very low speed and I grab full throttle with clip 4 will build power but with clip 3 will boog. H needle is the best so far for torque. No so clean run but power anywhere.
  11. adriano.ro

    NEDW vs NECJ vs N3CJ

    I ended up with N8RH in #4 clip. Like train!!!! A lot o torque an power everywhere but is a bit too rich on steady throttle , I need to move on #3 clip but I lose the extra power,but run clear. So I need 1/2 clip leaner needle. Or to shim my current needle.
  12. adriano.ro

    Spark plug reading

    So, in 4# clip will pull like a train! But is a bit too rich on stady throttle. I need 0.5 clip leaner needle.
  13. adriano.ro

    Spark plug reading

    I consider that.
  14. adriano.ro

    Spark plug reading

    BelRay sin7 , 50:1
  15. adriano.ro

    Spark plug reading

    See my notes. I don't think my bike is on lean settings,but I start to think about fuel, something is in there why I can't obtain brownie colour.