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    what is the fastest 2 stroke MX engine even today?

    Used to roadrace a 1988 CR500 with plenty of work done to it Not SM either Had a Gixxer front end with clip-ons as well as the Gixxer(750) rear Used to podium that bike in AM250GP (TZ250 etc)and Heavyweight Twins (TL1000s etc) No idea of actual top speed but I’d hazard a guess I used to hit 130mph on the back straight at Mosport. Wide open n tucked Thank god she never seized on me !! Had double disks up front I’d have the back wheel 6” off the ground under hard hard braking Always made time up in the corners n the bastards would claw it back on the straights!! haha Found an old pic of me on it the other day Jeeez Those hand me down leathers were NASTEEEEEEE!!;) Good times
  2. Sspeedfreak

    Trade your way to a better bike!

    I normally say "cash is king" whether buying or selling But for some reason unbeknownst to me I got a hard-on for Honda Turbo cars and decided to trade a guy who'd offered me a Del Sol with a turbo setup for a very trick 04 KX250 GNCC enduro/hare scramble bike. Won the bike on eBay It was almost as far away as possible I'm in Toronto, bike was in Louisiana! Got the bike up here(and NOT without incident!) Rode it a bit(cpl mths?) and found my dream bike for sale up the road(2008 KTM450sx with a 91 CR500 shoehorned in;) Saw the Del Sol for trade Guy said it needed electrical work The only 'electrical work" it needed was to be laid down on Frankenstein's slab and have 500,000 f'in Volts run through it What a bag of s..t I got Motor was toast All I could think about was all the cans of my Guinness this twat drank while checking out my bike Even brought his whole inbred brood over to make the deal I'm sure they all had a good laugh at my expense on the ride home! Ya live n learn I suppose shit, I better hurry up! Just turned 50 and still getting hosed !! Haha oh it gets better i burned the engine bay of the Del Sol while screwing around with injectors the day before some guy was coming to take the Del Sol off my hands! He ended up getting the car for $750! So folks, if you needed to learn how to 'trade down' I hope this helped $3300 trick two stroke weapon became a limp pile of damp $20 bills in 6-8weeks!! If there's an upside it's that I'm opening a high end organic bakery/cafe half a block from their house and they've already been "banned" before it's open. Actually lookin forward to kickin them out on a busy Saturday morning!!:) cheers