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  1. How are you guys running your xr650r 100mph? Hot cams? Different gears? Exc?
  2. It looks good man!
  3. Will do, thanks guys! Update when I can.
  4. Should I still use the piece of wood I cut of the shape of the frame or should I just push it over the frame?
  5. I have the seat so I'll try it out and send pictures, thanks!
  6. Right now I just heated up the center and put a piece of wood that is the size of my frame than, I rachet strap it around
  7. Yeah, I'm still working on it right now, I still wish I can find that thread on that tank. There has to be a easier way than what I'm doing. Any ideas? I'll post pictures
  8. Alright buddy, thanks agin, just waiting on the tank to come in.
  9. Off topic but could you guys tell me what the width of the bracket for the seat mount on the subframe, yz450f 2003
  10. Thanks guys I'll post when I get it on.
  11. Can you send me the thread to this, if you have it.
  12. Will the yz450 tank for a xr650r? Ths my project.