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    2007 CRF450R Throttle Routing/Sticky/Problem?

    Ok so I am 99% sure this is a throttle cable routing issue. When the throttle cables are completely hooked up without the fuel tank on it works perfect. As soon as I put the tank on and the throttle cables get rerouted some it works perfect until the bars are turned to the right then in gets stuck. Talk about frustrating. Shawn I did exactly what you said with the throttle assembly on the bars. Cleaned it likenit was being implanted into my body. Backed of off about a millimeter. Pulled the carb completely cleaned it. And it snaps back perfectly with the cables disconnected. T also snaps back perfectly even when they are connected just not when the bars are turned to the right. Maybe some details pictures of how yours is. The way it’s currently routed is exactly like the diagram on the top of this thread. This is getting frustrating.
  2. Coleg126

    2007 CRF450R Throttle Routing/Sticky/Problem?

    I did after I bought the stock one. Oops. Thanks though seems way way better.
  3. Coleg126

    2007 CRF450R Throttle Routing/Sticky/Problem?

    Sorry guys. I am still out of town for work. When I was home working on the bike I tore the carb apart and completely cleaned it. The linkage was a little gummy. The slide seemed very clean. That little rubber o ring/diaphram flimsy thing on the back of the slide was almost loose in its housing. Anyone seen this? After I cleaned that area it seems like it shrunk back up and seated back into its home. It isnt ripped or anything I reinstalled and it seems like the slide is working perfectly. The part is called the valve set floating. When I got the carb off I also noticed the the hot start assembly was stripped that screws into the carb so waiting on a few more parts before it goes back together. I am keeping my fingers crossed this throttle issue is resolved.
  4. Coleg126

    2007 CRF450R Throttle Routing/Sticky/Problem?

    Yeah parts ordered. I am out of town for work. When I get home and replaced I’ll let you know how it goes. Thanks for all the input.
  5. Coleg126

    2007 CRF450R Throttle Routing/Sticky/Problem?

    TPS- The throttle positioning sensor? yeah it’s just when the cables are not hook up the throttle return spring in the carb feel strong and snaps closed. I believe it’s in the routing of the cables. Cause I’m different positions of the handlebars the throttle returns at different speeds. No I didn’t lube the new cable. Should a brand new cable need lube?
  6. Coleg126

    2007 CRF450R Throttle Routing/Sticky/Problem?

    Thank you for the diagram. I do have the routing correct and I have the push and pull cables attached correctly. Still got the problem though. When I hook up the pull cable everything works perfect and when I hook up the pull and push cable it starts to act up. Do you think we could be talking about getting into the carb now? Like a weak return spring? It sure doesn’t feel weak when I move it with my hand. The cable routing on this bike seems a little weird also.
  7. Hello. I am a new owner to a 2007 CRF450R. When I got it home I started going through everything and its been coming along nicely till this throttle cable issue. I noticed that the throttle retraction was slow. I'm used to a snap back to the closed or idle position. This was slugging and when the bars where fully turned to the right it sometimes would not even return to the closed position. So I pulled the old throttle cables off put the new ones on and what do you know same problem. I am concerned now about the throttle cable routing cause I am second guessing myself on the original routing. I pulled the throttle tube and assembly off and cleaned it. I pulled the throttle linkage cover plate off the carb and cleaned all that out. However when only the lower throttle cable is connect to the carb it snaps back perfectly. When I hook up the top cable is when all the problems start happening. I usually can work through these problems but this one is killing me and i lost my patients today. And with the constant taking off of the new throttle cables I tripped them and now they are junk. I must of removed them a dozen times to try different routing. Then when I had it working perfectly I put the fuel tank back on and that screwed everything up cause it pushed the cables down then kinking them or something cause it went back to not working again. Can I please get some pics of the proper routing if anyone has them and any advice please. Oh I also ordered a new throttle cable guide that is located inside the throttle assembly that mounts to the bars. That little white plastic piece that guides the throttle cables that attach to the twist grip throttle tube. Thank you.